November 2009

  • Launchpad Teams Changes:
    • ~community-council now owns ~edubuntu-council
    • ~edubuntu-council now owns all official edubuntu groups
    • ~edubuntu-testers have been discontinued in favour of ~ubuntu-qa team
    • edubuntu-bugsquad mailing list has been created- edubuntu-bugsquad members can choose whether they want to receive mail
    • Applicants to ~edubuntu-members have been cleared with message explaining membership and invitation to re-apply following the correct process
  • David van Assche voted as edubuntu-member by EC, LTSP and Sugar bug fixes, documentation for Edubuntu and LTSP and list support.
  • Edubuntu Council Elections:
    • Nominations taking place this week (week 47)
    • Voting taking place next week (week 48)
    • Announced on Ubuntu Fridge, Edubuntu mailing lists and UWN
    • Jordan Mantha is resigning from the Edubuntu Council and will not stand for re-ellection due to work pressure. He will be with us until the EC elections has completed.

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