• sbalneav - Scott Balneaves
  • stgraber - Stephane Graber
  • highvoltage - Jonathan Carter
  • alkisg - Alkis Georgopoulos
  • Lns - Jordan Erickson
  • nixternal - Richard Johnson
  • Hedgemadge - Susan Stewart
  • dhillon-v10 - Vikram Dhillon


  • Technical
    • New GCompris uploaded and tested with feedback from upstream

    • Edubuntu Netbook seeds have been done, packages should now be available in new daily build
    • LTSP Fat client support is now available in Lucid
    • Menu editor is now almost ready for inclusion
    • We have an alpha 2 release!
    • We're dropping the alternate install, should free up a large amount of space on the install disc
  • Events
    • Edubuntu Bug Hug Day Results

      • 15 bugs received hugs
      • Bug subscriptions of ~edubuntu-bugs have been updated to reflect current packages
    • Edubuntu Wiki Hug Day Results

      • 83 Wiki Pages got hugs! Probably a bit of a cruel hug for the pages that got deleted Wink ;)

      • 43 Obsolete pages with little to no historical value has been deleted, 22 pages were moved to the correct place and 18 other wiki pages received some kind of attention
  • Other Project stuff
    • Hedgemadge and dhillion-v10 are working on a new website with lots of new stuff

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