List of schools and people using Ubuntu in Education!



# and type of systems


Lanna International School Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand

120 Desktops (all staff (apart from a handful of office machines) and all student machines)

Used to teach ICT to IGCSE and AS/A Level following Cambridge International Exams syllabuses. How we switched here: http://techlovincodgers.com/2012/03/04/switching-our-school-to-linux-ubuntu/

Eastleigh College

Chestnut Avenue, Eastleigh, SO50 5FS, UK

32 Desktops, 32 Thin Clients and 6 staff PC's

Used to teach Computer Science to age 16+ students on BTEC Diplomas in IT

Biblioteca Pública Vikarawa'u Vimutu de San Ignacio de Mojos

San Ignacio de Mojos, Beni, Bolivia

10 laptops and 8 notebooks

You can check all installed applications.

Albany Senior High School

Albany, North Shore City, New Zealand

200 student desktop and 50 staff laptop computers

read: The Open Source School and New Zealand School Shows Microsoft the Door


Gravataí, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

20 desktop (1 laboratory room) running Ubuntu 10.04

A student and a teacher plan to switch all computers from windows to ubuntu has gracefully started with one room.

The Neighborhood Schoolhouse

Brattleboro, Vermont, USA.

3 Ubunutu 10.04 Pentium 4s with Edubuntu package.

Computers were donated by a local company, Chroma Inc. who was happy to load Ubunutu to wipe their business data, and help us. Saved $30 in dump fees too!

Marlboro College Graduate School, Teaching with Technology

Brattleboro, Vermont, USA.

4 iMac G5s running Xubuntu with education package. 10 Dell PCs with Edubuntu 10.04

We saved an old computer lab from phase out. Computers run fast and stable now. We are adding Ubuntu knowledge to the pedagogy of our teacher training and educational technology masters degrees.

Centro Escolar Canton El Calvario

Cuscatlan, El Salvador

12 computers

Computadoras con programas educativos http://cecec.iespana.es

Andalusia Region

Andalusia, Spain

4000 schools, 380k netbooks, 200k desktops, 5500 servers

Largest known deployment, they use Guadalinex Edu, Ubuntu derivative with custom education and school management apps. All the management is centralized through http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CGA_(Advanced_Management_Centre)

Assam Amtron

Assam, India

28,000 systems

Northern India regional deployment

Finnish schools


100+ schools

Opinsys is the solution provider, http://www.opinsys.fi/en/ubuntu-in-education-in-finland

Coronado Schools

San Diego, CA, USA

dozens of netbooks at 5 schools

Actively seeking more Ubuntu solutions

San Francisco Bay area

San Francico, CA, USA

7 schools

The non-profit partimus.org refurbishes computers with Ubuntu/edubuntu/FOSS to schools

Learning Hub Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

10 computers

Local NGO

Longmont Christian

Longmont, CO, US

122 computers as of 2012

Diane Leikvold; reported on education mailing list. Started in 2010

Tralee Primary

County Kerry, Ireland



Alton Convent

Hampshire, UK



Notre Dame, UK

Sheffield, UK



Ren He Street Primary

Chongqing Yuzhong District



World computer Exchange

Global deployments


http://www.worldcomputerexchange.org/ They refurbish computers with FOSS (Edubuntu/Ubuntu) and deploy globally

Saint Stephen's Armenian Elementary School

Watertown, MA

ltsp lab with edubuntu


Minnesota Public School

Minnesota, USA



Swiss Schools




Chelsea School

Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

6 desktops (Lucid); 1 tablet (Lucid); 5 VMs (Lucid VMware); 1 server on bare metal (Ampache); 3 server virtual appliances (TurnKey Linux, VMware)





http://www.kidsoncomputers.org Labs in Argentina, Mexico, Colorado, refurbh with FOSS (Edubuntu) then distribute globally

Confalonieri Public Junior High School

Monza, Northern Italy


Kids built their own computers in school, then took home! http://stop.zona-m.net/node/106

Norris School District

Bakersfield, CA

several hundreds including Dell servers with Zmbra and VMware


Michigan Area Schools

Michigan, Indiana, USA



Westall Secondary School

Melbourne, Australia



Oakland University

Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA



Jia-Ding Elementary School

Kaohsiung County, Taiwan

Computer Lab


Toucheng Township Geng Fang Elementary School

Yilan County, Taiwan



African University of Science and Technology

Abuja, Nigeria

8 Servers, 80 Computer Lab Systems, 20 Administrative Computers, 400 Student Laptop. Ubuntu is OS of choice.


Institut Notre-Dame

Bertrix, Belgium

50 edubuntu pc's dual boot

Minneapolis Public Schools

Minneapolis, MN, USA

3 classrooms running Edubuntu, 50 thin-clients built into student work space.


Yorktown High School

Arlington, VA

computer lab

had a Linux lab since mid-90s, switched to *buntu in 2005, has its own LUG

Gallaudet University

Washington, DC

four systems (desktop, laptop, two servers) in the Research Institute

At least ONE Linux user since 1993, doing Ubuntu since Breezy. Scattered interest slowly growing elsewhere on campus.

Washington-Lee High School

Arlington, VA

computer lab

Ubuntu lab (using LTSP) since 2006

Governor's Career and Technical Academy in Arlington

Arlington, VA

computer lab

Ubuntu lab (currently dual-booting between LTSP with Lucid and local hard drive with Maverick and Ubuntu-Sugar-Remix) since 2007

National center of Nuclear sciences

Tunis, Tunisia

11 computers (X2)


Computer Science Departement of ISET Rades

Rades, Tunisia


Computing Center of ENIS

Sfax, Tunisia


Telkom Institute of Technology

Bandung, Indonesia

informatics lab

use ubuntu for operating system course

Institut Torre Vicens

Lleida, Catalonia, Europe

Lucid Lynx (3 Servers & about 220 Desktops)

1100 students

Rakovica municipality

Belgrade, Serbia

Edubuntu 9.04 (1104 computers in 14 schools)

approx 1090 students

Vracar municipality

Belgrade, Serbia

Edubuntu 9.04 (1417 computers in 11 schools)

approx 1360 students

African Institute for Mathematical Sciences http://www.aims.ac.za

Muizenberg, South Africa

10 ubuntu servers, 130 ubuntu desktops, 100s of student laptops

Using http://www.systemimager.org to image desktops

Het Hooghuis http://ict.hethooghuis.nl/

Oss, The Netherlands

12 Debian Servers, 30 Ubuntu virtual servers, 500 thin-clients in LTSP-cluster, 5000 students and 500 employees using them

complete virtualized free software backend based on KVM, including Asterisk, Windows Domain-controllers and custom Windows Deployment system based on Bittorrent

Centro Educativo Juan Jacobo Rousseau

Chihuahua, Mexico.

13 Desktops.


Bukit Rajah Estate Tamil School

Klang, Malaysia

Edubuntu 9.04 (41 terminals & 1 server)

Benefiting 152 students

Sungai Choh Estate Tamil School

Rawang, Malaysia

Edubuntu 9.04 (41 terminals & 1 server)

Benefiting 426 students

Cairo Estate Tamil School

Mantin, Malaysia

Edubuntu 9.04 (41 terminals & 1 server)

Benefiting 229 students

Kinrara Estate Tamil School

Puchong, Malaysia

Edubuntu 9.04 (41 terminals & 1 server)

Benefiting 563 students

Bukit Beruntung Estate Tamil School

Bukit Beruntung, Malaysia

Edubuntu 9.04 (41 terminals & 1 server)

Benefiting 380 students

Sungai Renggam Tamil School

Shah Alam, Malaysia

Edubuntu 9.04 (41 terminals & 1 server)

Benefiting 1,122 students

Kids Express Learning Center

Madison Wisconsin, USA

Ubuntu/Edubuntu (5 teacher computers)

gradually replacing Windows on all school computers

Katharineum zu Lübeck

Lübeck, Germany

Ubuntu 10.04 (37 desktops & 76 notebooks)

free software for education

Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Gymnasium Remscheid

Remscheid, Germany

70 desktops and 20 notebooks with Ubuntu 12.04

free software

Victory Christian School

Wawase C/R Ghana

Edubuntu 12.04 with 20 CF-28 Toughbooks as thin clients

benefiting 180 rural students and 14 teachers

Victoria Learning Center


Ubuntu/Edubuntu 10.04 LTS (13 Desktops)

Introducing our students to Linux and the Open Source Movement

Chinar School

Alwar, Rajasthan, India

Edubuntu 10.04 (25 terminals & 1 LTSP server in Lab 1 and 10 desktops in Lab 2)

All students working on Ubuntu only since 6.06, Senior students learn C++ using DosBox and can experiment on desktops

Canterbury School

Fort Wayne, Indiana, U.S.A

95% of Server Infrastructure, 1 Ubuntu classroom, Other desktops dual-boot

We've been using Ubuntu in our programming classes for years. This year we have begun installing Ubuntu as part of the 9th Grade "Intro to Computers" class.

Woodland Public Schools

Woodland, WA. USA

4 LTSP labs, clusters of classroom computers and 1 cart of netbooks

The Indian Public School http://www.theindianpublicschool.com

Coimbatore,Chennai, Erode, India

2 ubuntu servers, 60 ubuntu desktops, 100s of student laptops

Ubuntu Live Based Thin client Solutions, Ubuntu Live Laptops, Mail Server Solutions-Integrated by indsys, http://www.indsys.co.in

Hattfjelldal skole

Hattfjelldal, Nordland, Norway

Around 25 computers with Ubuntu 10.04, and a few with Ubuntu 11.04 (pr. 20.05.2011

CEAP Pedreira

São Paulo, Brazil

1 LTSP Lab (26 thin clients) and Labs with Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10 (~90 system, total)

Ubuntu at CEAP

The Hamilton School

Aberdeen, United Kingdom

10.04 & 10.10 (2 servers and 40 PCs)

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