The Venezuelan Educational System

"...Moral y luces son los polos de una república; moral y luces son nuestras primeras necesidades."

  • -Simon Bolívar

The Educational System in Venezuela is one that provides equal opportunities within the given resources. Education is compulsory all the way up to high-school. Education is free and available for any citizen has the right to attend public schools.There are public and private institutions for all levels of education. The education system is subject to supervision by the Ministerio del poder popular para la Educación (the Ministry of Popular Power for Education, ME). Even though the schools are different in the different regions, changes in the educational system affect all schools nationwide. Private Schools must also guide their structure based upon the guidelines provided by ME .

Structure of the Venezuelan Educational System

Preeschool is considered regarded as the 5 first years of education. Curriculum in this first 5 years is not as structured and uniform as in other cycles of education. By Law, Employees receives Education for his or her child's education during this period. A good preeschool would get a kid initiated in basic reading and writing skills (writing their names and identifying sound patterns both visually and additively).

The educational system structure is divided in divided in 3 subdivisions. The Basic education lasts 9 years (6 primary, 3 secondary), two years of Diversified Secondary Education (Educación Media Diversificada). Alternatively, students can opt for alternative diversified secondary Education that focuses on Human or Social aspects or Science and Engineering aspects.

Students, upon graduating have to take tests of admission to universities and the "Prueba de aptitud academica" (Academic Aptitude Test) which measures the mathematic and linguistic skills. this exam could be compared to the SAT's in the American School System.



age group


1st Grade

6-year olds


2nd Grade

7-year olds


3rd Grade

8-year olds


4th Grade

9-year olds


5th Grade

10-11-year olds


6th Grade

12-year olds


7th Grade

13-year olds


8th Grade

14-year olds


9th Grade

15-year olds


1st Year (Science or Humanity)

16-year olds


2nd Year (Science or Humanity)

16-year olds


There are public and private Universities. Public universities are known for providing a higher academic experience for students but much more recently private universities are providing students with the required resources to explore and experience things first hand. this balance makes both settings very interesting learning grounds. usually carriers take 5 years (10 semesters). People consider Graduate Courses a must after their first University career.

Current Curriculum

Under Revision.

Ubuntu and Edubuntu in Venezuelan Schools

Ever since the opening of the edubuntu proyect, there's been great interest in implementations in venezuela. Public schools sponsored by large Oil Cooporations are to some extent folowing presidential decree 3390, which states all public administration software must be free software. There have been also cases of visits to schools. reference to this situation is presented in this report: source

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