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Launchpad Spec

See here for the launchpad spec for this action plan:


There are many pages on the ubuntu wiki that list people or groups who have an interest or who are active in Education.

It would be ideal to:

  • group all of these pages in an umbrella overview page
  • contact the people or groups to:
    • harness the enthusiasm
    • create meaningful ativities and sharing

Review the Education Related People and Group Wiki Pages Below

  • actions for all categories below

    • find people pages that mention or discuss education
      • EducationCategory

      • Title Search [Education]
      • Title Search [education]
      • Title Search [School]
      • Title Search [school]
      • Text Search [Education]
      • Text Search [education]
      • Text Search [School]
      • Text Search [school]
    • add pages to:

Quick List

Wiki Pages : Education People

  • additional actions for people category

    • find people wiki pages for all launchpad education group members
    • find meeting log pages discussing education
      • community logs
      • loco logs

Wiki Pages : Education Groups

Wiki Pages : Education LoCoTeams

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