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About Me

I am a Dipl.-Inf. from the Technical University of Darmstadt, and have obtained a MSc in Computer Science/Telecommunications from the University of Texas at Dallas. I also have a LLB (Hons) from The Open University.

My occupations in the IT world have been broad, with functions embracing support, development, project and product management, as well as marketing. I was also involved in IT in Education for considerable time. I was an Associate Lecturer and Teaching Fellow with The Open University, UK. Currently, I focus on web development on the LAMP stack as well as Ruby on Rails, especially bringing local small businesses closer to FLOSS with such IT services.

Unix/Linux has always been part of my life in IT. I worked extensively with HPUX and solaris and had my first steps with Linux in the middle of the 90s. I have used RedHat and SUSE in the past, but since the release of Hoary, I exclusively use (U|Ku|Edu|Xu)buntu.


I am interested to contribute my skills and experience wherever it is helpful. Currently I am helping with:

  • answering other users' questions,
  • translating,
  • bug reporting,
  • bug triage
  • and the fixing of bugs.
  • packaging/maintaining
  • KDE4 apps

I would like to be advance to the ranks of MOTU within a reasonable timeframe.

I am an active member of the following launchpad groups:

I am a member of the kubuntu-de.org team and a member of its community council.

I have also introduced Ubuntu servers at a local College and I am in the process to fully replace the majority of Windows server with Ubuntu. Currently, I have introduced moodle on Ubuntu as virtual learning environment.

I have initiated the bug-triage efforts on 5-a-day for kubuntu-de.org.

I was a presenter at the Ontario Linux Fest 2008 with the topic of (K)ubuntu bug triage.

Invited speaker at Mohawk College to present social and legal issues in regards to FLOSS to students of the College.

Presenter for the Ontario Linux Fest 2009 with the workshop Ruby on Rails 101.

I am maintaining a couple of KDE packages for Kubuntu and Debian and I am also currently the lead developer for a Kubuntu based market-targeted distribution.

Developing Ubuntu-based collaborative presentation platform for scholarly editions of manuscripts used by Universities and Libraries. Part of the EU Digitisation and Interedition projects. Funded by JISC and others. Packaging needed software for dbxml on Ubuntu and Debian on my own ppa, to be submitted into revu/motu process.

Short-term and Medium-Term Goals

  • Packing new packages required in several projects I am involved in / MOTU
  • Porting / developing KDE4 apps
  • Promoting Kubuntu in Southwestern Ontario and neighboring areas
  • Organizing BugJams for local LUG and student clubs

  • Acceptance of Kubuntu-de.org as official LoCo

  • Discovering and exploiting cross-distribution synergies in particular in the area of QA
  • Getting involved in the efforts to create teaching material for Ubuntu and FLOSS.


  • Influences between technology and legal systems, advocacy for more conducive legal systems for free software. Promotion of the advantages of free software to entrepreneurs.
  • Advocacy of ichthux in its target market in order to widen market base for Ubuntu and recruit future contributors for the Ubuntu-family.

Other Open Projects

I am involved in Distributed Proofreaders and Project Gutenberg.

I am involved in the Open Street Map project as contributor and community organizer.

I am involved in efforts to convince the government into introducing more FLOSS-friendly legislation as well as using the benefits of FLOSS in public services.

I have started an open source project, which in the future should give schools an alternative to proprietary Information Management System. I hope that this could become one day part of Edubuntu.

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