This is the Overview Page of the Edulinux Project.

Project Summary

The Edulinux Project is funded by the EU.

Edulinux is investigating the possibilities offered by distance learning in different learning groups, such as:

  • secondary education pupils
  • university students
  • adult learners
  • and workers in enterprises

To achieve this aim, the project will be developed in parallel in two actions. Technically, with the development of a Free and Open Source Server based on Linux, which is going to offer a lot of advantages (user friendly environment, flexibility, free and open source, possibility of extension or modification) and pedagogically with the creation of the necessary didactical approaches for the implementation, taking into account the special needs of these learning groups.

The partnership which includes a wide range of institutions such as, secondary, higher and adult education, training and consultant centres for SMEs, training association will facilitate the application of the activities in the above mentioned learning groups.

The main activities of this project are:

  1. Design of strategies. Improvement of institutions infrastructure in order to face the needs of the work. Training of the participating staff.
  2. Development of tools, by the leading global provider of free Linux software (Canonical) and the pedagogical approaches by the higher education institutions.
  3. Implementation for different learning groups and based on many didactical methods.
    1. Synchronous
    2. Asynchronous
    3. Project work
  4. Evaluation of all aspects (design-technical-pedagogical-implementation) internally by the partners and externally by experts in the mentioned areas and by participants in dissemination actions (beta testers)
  5. Dissemination and sustainability via the Website – Articles – Publications – Papers in conferences – Workshops during the project meetings
  6. Review of the whole scheme.

Expected outputs of the project are:

  1. Survey on current situation a needs analysis in Distance Learning
  2. Teacher’s guide (Technical – Pedagogical)
  3. Examples of good practice
  4. Evaluation report
  5. Website, Presentations, Papers
  6. Workshops and a Free Open Source Server to everyone

Participating Organisations

The following organistions are contracted to the project:

  • Academy of Management
    • Lodz, Poland
  • Camera Work
    • Marche region, Italy
  • Canonical
    • Isle of Man
  • Civil Forum for Social Activity and Civic Education
    • Romania
  • Danmar Computers
    • Rzeszow, Poland
  • Intercollege
    • Cyprus
  • Platon School
    • Greece
  • VBU, Västerbergslagens Utbildningscentrum
    • Sweden

Project Resources

An IRC channel has been set up where the project partners can meet and discuss issues.

The channel is called:

  • #edulinux

It is located on the network:

  • freenode

If you do not have an IRC client installed on your PC, then we suggest:

If you are new to IRC, you can find some help here:

Hardware Recommendations

A Server for around 1000€ should have hardware specifications along the following values:

  • Intel® Pentium® D Class CPU (i.e. Pentium D 915 2,8 GHz)
  • 2-4GB RAM
  • Two SATA Harddisks ~ 250GB
  • DVDRW drive (for Backup and installation)
  • Gigabit network card

For Workstations any current discount PC will do.

For LTSP Thin Clients the LTSP Term 150 form Disklessworkstations is a very good choice.


IT was discovered that the name Edulinux is already in use after the project had already been named on the EU application.

The project team will be selecting a new name soon.


You can email Richard Weideman for enquiries at

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