About Me

My name is Omar Mohsen, I am a systems engineer who is interested in DevOps/automation, I like to explore new technologies and experiment. I am also interested in anything related to Science/Technology, food is one of my deepest passions, you may also check what others think of me in the testimonials section.

Me & Linux/Ubuntu

I started using Linux about 10 years ago , the first Linux distro I used was Ubuntu (Edgy Eft), I tried other distros as well (Fedora and others) , but I reached a conclusion that Ubuntu suits me most, I personally recommend it for new users.

Contact & Pages




EgyParadox (freenode) channels: #ubuntu-eg & #ubuntu & #ubuntu-offtopic



OpenPGP key:


LoCo Teams Membership

Ubuntu Ubuntu-eg LoCo team.

Ubuntu Malaysian LoCo team.


Ubuntu Distributed Ubuntu at my workplace (Karmic & ubuntu-eg customized Lucid Lynx Live CD).

Ubuntu Introduced Ubuntu to several employees at my workplace, .

Ubuntu IRC:

  • Active support through IRC #ubuntu & #ubuntu-eg. (click here to search through

  • Suggested/edited some ubottu factoids.
  • #ubuntu-eg channel operator.
  • I attempt to encourage good culture/behavior in #ubuntu channel.

Ubuntu Events:

  • Co-organized our Lucid Lynx release party held at Cairo University which was organized by our LoCo team, and was responsible for the following:

    • Burning 70+ ubuntu-eg customized LiveCDs.
    • Guiding guests and answering their questions.
    • Installation.
    • Network requirements:
      • Installing & configuring an access point.

      • Mirror network configuration: An entire mirror was downloaded by Sensiva, I was responsible for configuring it from a networking point of view.

  • Attended both our Ubuntu Global Jam Events (UGJ).
  • Attended most Ubuntu hours.
  • Co-organized the following events by providing support and answering Ubuntu related questions:
    • Open Source Day (@ Mansoura)
    • CUFE Oneiric release party (@ Cairo University).
    • Cairo ICT 2011 conference (@ Cairo Conference Center).

Ubuntu Translated some projects to Arabic.

Ubuntu Spread Ubuntu through our LoCo twitter account.

Ubuntu Tested Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot Beta 1 and submitted bug reports.


Ubuntu Help my team become an approved LoCo team.

Ubuntu Promote Ubuntu whenever I have the opportunity. (./)

Ubuntu Cooperate with other communities in order have more events so we would be well known in Egypt.

Ubuntu Help beginners use Ubuntu. (./)

Ubuntu Promote ubuntu-eg through my blog. (./)

Ubuntu Start giving Ubuntu courses in Egypt.

Ubuntu Collaborate with other LoCo teams in the Middle East.


  • The first time I met Omar was in a meeting for preparation for Lucid release party. He offered to help and he was up to the responsibility. He was responsible for most of our network hardware needs. He also setup the network, and was present to help people install Ubuntu and answering their questions. He then got more involved with the team, he is our main IRC channel operator, he is responsible for our Facebook and Twitter pages. Omar is really a great addition to our team, and I would strongly recommend him for Ubuntu Membership.

-- thelinuxer 2012-02-02 00:00:00

  • Omar is very active, either online or offline, supporting people whenever asked. His presence on our LoCo channel almost 24/7 helped the Egypt loCo a lot, by giving the right info to newcomers or help them with their new OS ;). He also has a great presence on FB, twitter and almost all known social mediums, advocating and promoting Ubuntu and Open Source principles and even defending when there's a strike Smile :) He always there when there's an event and even traveling for a long distances to help organizing and attending especially when it come to Ubuntu-EG events. I'd be very happy to see him officially belongs to Ubuntu through Ubuntu Membership.

-- ashams 2011-10-30 19:20:00

  • Omar is one of the very active members in Ubuntu-Eg , By supporting people handling issues online and offline. By guiding newcomers or help them with their new OS ;). Travels for long distances to help organizing various Ubuntu-EG events. I'll be pleased to see him officially belongs to Ubuntu through Ubuntu Membership.

-- elfeky-m

  • Omar is honest, helpful, active, dedicated and loves Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community.


  • Omar Mohsen from first day i met him in ubuntu eg meeting in cairo event is one of the very active members in Ubuntu-Eg, he was attending a lote of team meetings, he help ubuntu users online and in real life in events install festivals, just smiling and try to help others,working silently. Omar is very good team player, i support him to be an official Ubuntu member.

-- anas-emad

  • Omar is very respectful man, he is very enthusiastic about technology especially Ubuntu, in other words a true Ubuntu geek. My first meeting with him was a meeting to discuss our event at Cairo university, which was our first event before the revival of the LoCo team. He is always ready to help, guide people/newcommers in every possible place. He helped me a lot of times and gave me the technical support I need. When I need his support I find him on IRC, Facebook page, Gmail chatting and live meetings. I didn't attend any Ubuntu or technical event without finding him. He is regarded as an essential bone in our team; as he is responsible for giving support over our social media sites. I think Omar meets the sustained criteria.

-- wazery 2012-02-07 07:02:00

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