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  • "Becoming a member of the Egyptian local community team of Ubuntu will introduce you to a really helpful community where you can support Ubuntu and get supported."

Benefits of joining the team

  • Ubuntu Get free support from the Egyptian local community.

    Ubuntu Know a lot of Ubuntu fans and open source enthusiasts in Egypt.

    Ubuntu Support you spreading Ubuntu and open source every where you want, like making events in any suitable place you suggests.

    Ubuntu The opportunity to be an Ubuntu official member.

    Ubuntu And sure having a lot of fun with the team events

How to join the Egyptian Ubuntu Team

  • Ubuntu Step 1: Create a Launchpad account.(If you didn't already have one!). Do it Now!

    Ubuntu Step 2: Join our Launchpad team. Do it Now!

    Ubuntu Step 3: Sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. Do it Now!

    Ubuntu Step 4: Subscribe to the Mailing list to stay in touch with us. Do it Now!

    Ubuntu Step 5: Find the nearest Ubuntu-eg members to your location to help promote Ubuntu in your area Find!

How to Contribute

  • You can choose any of these options to contribute with us:

    Ubuntu Join our mailing list.

    Ubuntu Find a micro group in your area. Currently we have 4 micro groups. One in Cairo, main contact thelinuxer [at], and one in Alexandria, main contact Extend [at], and one in Mansoura ahmedkhattabshams [at], and one Menofia prog.ahmedsamir [at]

    Ubuntu Try to attend meetings which will are conducted either over IRC or physically in person at agreed local locations. (Follow the mailing list for information).

    Ubuntu Spread the word of Ubuntu in your society.

    Ubuntu Bringing more members into our team.

    Ubuntu Write articles in our wiki or in our up comping web portal.

    Ubuntu Translate Ubuntu packages and wiki articles into Arabic.

    Ubuntu Share success stories of Ubuntu experience.

    Ubuntu Participate in our events.

    Ubuntu Introduce any ideas and methods of implementation.

    Ubuntu Help us on any of these fields: Logistics, Website, Marketing, PR, Social Media, Graphics and IRC.

Current Team Structure

  • Ubuntu Logistics : Ahmed Toulan + Mahmoud Ibrahim

    Ubuntu Website : Jonathan Hindi + Mahmoud Fawzy

    Ubuntu Marketing + PR : Anas Emad + Jonathan N. Hindi

    Ubuntu Social Media: Ahmed Adel + Omar Mohsen + Islam Wazery

    Ubuntu Graphics : Islam Wazery + Abdallah Hodeib

    Ubuntu IRC : Omar mohsen + Ahmed Toulan + Ahmed Osama + AhmedShams

    Ubuntu Mailing list : Ahmed Toulan + AhmedShams(Backup)

    Ubuntu Financial : Anas Emad

    Ubuntu Wiki Maintenance : AhmedShams

    If you are interested in any of these fields just edit the page and insert your name.

    Note: Donations will be collected once/month on the first Friday of the month. The monthly donations can be as low as 10 LE. Also we agreed on having 2 meetings/month. On the first and third Fridays of the month. The first meeting will be an in person meeting while the second will be an IRC meeting.


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