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  • Hi, I'm Ahmed Shams, I love to triage bugs for Ubuntu, specially for Input Devices/xserver, review Ubuntu translations as well as helping others as long as I know what they are talking about ;). I like to go out, advocate open-source, help others to jump to our community easily and safely. Big part of my brain keeps thinking of locos and newcomers, have no idea why?, but I like this and will put some work to grow that idea.


  • Ubuntu Reading and reciting The Holy Quran.

    Ubuntu Continuing with the Bug Squad/Control in the area of InputDevices/TouchPad.

    Ubuntu Help and Enthusiast the Egyptian loco Team.

    Ubuntu Do my best to help and welcome other people to Ubuntu and Open-Source community.


  • Ubuntu Translating/Reviewing Ubuntu messages and lp-hosted software.

    Ubuntu Triaging bugs for Ubuntu.

    Ubuntu Understanding community better and work to help growing it.


In Translation

  • Ubuntu Ubuntu Arabic Translator/Supporter since September 2009.

    Ubuntu Ubuntu Arabic Translation Reviewer since August 2010. I focus on translation consistency --matching terminology with different apps-- and make sure that programmable notations will work.

    Ubuntu Coiner of the 5 Ubuntu Messages a day group --an attempt to save a stable frequency of Ubuntu Translations input and reviewing processes on daily basis.

In Bug Triage and Answers

  • Ubuntu Bug Squad member and active Bug Triager since September 2010.

    Ubuntu I serve as Answer contact for Support Requests/Bug Reports on Touchpad bugs and keep it healthy as much as I can and Top Contributor to xserver's synaptics package.

    Ubuntu Ubuntu Papercuts triager and finder :) .

In Community

  • Ubuntu I advocate Open-Source and Ubuntu whenever possible.

    Ubuntu I've a deep passion to work with Ubuntu Egypt loco team to spread the word through the country, whenever and wherever I can, I also try to enhance means of communication and taking care of inside relations and Community Health.

    Ubuntu Worked with Ubuntu-Leadership(-dev) Team at loco Leadership Training Handbook (Under construction!), which aims to assist community leaders to drive loco teams through easiest and most efficient ways.

    Ubuntu Coiner of UCADay.(I can barely say this since many many ppl helped bringing it to life, (((((BIG HUGS))))) ).

    Ubuntu Worked with Hatem Zyoud(Under the umbrella of Egypt loco team's sponsorship for constructing new locos) to Establish the Ubuntu Palestine loco Team, and still sharing work to get it up & running[TBD:Will end on ~Dec31].

    Ubuntu During Precise cycle, I'm mentored to start helping with Organizing Ubuntu irc events, hope I can help there.

    Ubuntu Serving as moderator for Egypt loco's ML.

    Ubuntu Maintaining the Egypt loco's wiki-site, keeping it sync'ed with what happens on ground and developing it's content.


Short Term Goals

  • Ubuntu Help My Family to completely migrate to Ubuntu and Free SW world(60% so far).

    Ubuntu Work with Palestine loco team to get Up & Running.

    Ubuntu Hope I can help with -P cycle irc workshops(or to find something to do, as ppl there are really active).

    Ubuntu Finish MIT OCW's Course 600(Reminder: For God's sake, stop wasting time and finish it!).

Long Term Goals

  • Ubuntu Work with Egypt loco Team to get to the level of approval.

    Ubuntu Work with Palestine loco Team to get to the level of approval.

    Ubuntu Get more involved with xserver, preparing patches, learn more workarounds, etc...

    Ubuntu Start help with fixing bugs in some range of apps.

    Ubuntu Find more ways to ignite more action in the Ubuntu Translators Community.

    Ubuntu I'd be very happy if, after 2 years, I could confidently say, I helped shaping the *Free* community in Egypt!.


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