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CUFE Linux course

  • As a part of our Social Responsibilities, Ubuntu-EG team is currently preparing for a course to raise the awareness of Cairo University Faculty of Engineering (CUFE) students about open source and software freedom. The course, walks its participants through many essential points to make the "Free Software Conversion" as smooth and easy as possible. However, Ubuntu is the base of this converstion, points discussed in this course include :

Course Content

  • Ubuntu GUI walk through (Gnome basically with some examples of other DEs)

    Ubuntu program alternatives.

    Ubuntu Linux system structure (i.e. what does /home, /proc, etc. do?!)

    Ubuntu File permissions.

    Ubuntu CLI basics (cd, ls, chown, ... etc.)

    Ubuntu SSH

    Ubuntu programing under Linux

    Ubuntu installing LAMP and basics on using it.

Open Day open for everyone to attend--even without attending the course itself

  • Ubuntu FLOSS philosophy

    Ubuntu Howto get help from the community (report bugs, ask for support ....)

    Ubuntu Establishing your online reputation!

Also one notable point about this course is that it is delivered free-of-charge to remove any boundaries that could keep students from starting their journey with software freedom.

people who made this course possible

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