Embedded Linux Session 1

Agenda items:

  1. What's embedded Linux?
  2. What do we want to do with embedded Linux?
  3. What do we need?


  • Mohamed Nour El-Din
  • Islam Hassan
  • Haitham Al-Ghareeb
  • Mahmoud Tantawy
  • Ahmed Mamdouh
  • Samar Ali
  • Osama Mongy
  • Anas Emad

Points covered:

  • The main steps of developing embedded Linux:
    1. Compiling the kernel
    2. Compiling the file system
    3. Adding utilities to the file system
    4. Installing the boot loader onto the board
    5. Deploying the system on the board


  • We'll make our own embedded Linux edition using tools to automate the process like openEmbedded.

  • We'll will use a ready made cross compiler like crosstool-ng.

  • We agreed to study the introduction to Linux command line tutorial from free-electrons.com before the next meeting and download the embedded Linux tutorial that would be used for the rest of the workshop Download both from here.

  • The next meeting will be either in Offok center in Muhandessin, or, if they didn't agree, a center near Rab'a Al-Adaweya Mosque. The meeting time is next Friday (15/ Jul) at 2 P.M. as indicated in the team's Google calender and loco event.

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