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  • Ubuntu This team is unique in it's objectives and work. It aims mainly to help new developers down the road, through:

    1. Having both mentors and mentees on the same Mailing List, focusing on development issues only.
    2. Forming a backstage for developing UbuntuEG Projects.

    Ubuntu Team's profile on lp:

    Ubuntu Team's Mailing-list: <ubuntu-eg-devs AT lists DOT launchpad DOT net>

What we do?

  1. Q&A: It's a spot to ask your questions about development and answer others' questions too ;).

  2. Courses(When offered): People occasionally give courses on this mailing list. An announcement goes prior to it.
  3. Tutorials(When offered): Introducing new technologies from developers perspective.


Joining Requirements:

  1. Know Team's System and regulations.
  2. Basic understanding of linux-based operating systems.
  3. Basic understanding of Programming Languages.

Joining Steps

  1. Register yourself on, here.

  2. Join the Ubuntu Egypt LoCo Team, here.

  3. Then join the Ubuntu Egypt Devs Team, here.

After Joining

  1. Come and introduce yourself on the -devs mailing list(send email to <ubuntu-eg-devs AT lists DOT launchpad DOT net>), your name, your hobbies, what you want to learn in the future, etc, etc...

  2. Pick any kind of contribution to and open-source project and if you faced any obstacle come and ask your questions on the mailing list(by sending it to the same email address above).
  3. Not necessarily your questions, you can also share your success news Wink ;)


  • Ubuntu This team doesn't offer person-to-person mentorship programs, but a general one, that is, follow any patter for the subject you want to know more about, and whenever you have a question push it to the -devs mailing-list:

Self-Learning Patterns

(Guided by Mosab Ahmed's email here)

  • Warning /!\ DRAFT Warning /!\

  • Version Control

    • Pulling/Pushing/Merging
    • How to deal with patches and diffs
    • Different version control systems (cvs, svn, git, hg, bzr)
    • peer review
  • Testing

    • How to properly identify and report a bug
    • Automated testing
  • Packaging

    • How to package your software into a .deb package for Ubuntu
    • Ubuntu packages' name convention

(If there's a subject you can't see in the above list, please contact the ubuntu-eg-devs team.


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