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Focus Groups

What is Focus Group?

It's sub-team of UbuntuEG. A group of same-skilled persons focusing on collaborating together to help community in a specific way.

Why Focus Groups?

  • Volunteer work is the essence of the whole activity and is the main part of what we do. Participating in Focus Groups work is the core of team's activity and presence. The reasons why we've chosen the Focus Groups structure as our frame, are:

It helps doing the following:

  1. Providing the community with such kind of specialization, like designing graphics for events and so...
  2. Ease contacting persons with a specific skill in case that skill needed by the community.
  3. Working in Teams brings better organization and reliability.
  4. It helps providing the community with good output in certain specializations, like support and graphic designing.
  5. It helps determining who represents UbuntuEG when it's needed, like during events.

How to Join a Focus Group?

All what a person needs to join a Focus Group(FG) is a good will to make some change along with the ability to learn. To join:

  1. Create a Launchpad account.

  2. Sign the Code of Conduct.

  3. Join our team on Launchpad.

  4. Get proposed to join any of the FGs listed below.

Our current FGs are:

  1. Art.

  2. Development.

  3. Marketing.

  4. Support Squad.

  5. Operators.

  6. Women.

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