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Resala is Egypt's largest voluntary charity organization. The LoCo team can engage with them in several ways as their activities are very diverse.


Resala is one of Egypt's largest charities. One of their activities is offering low-priced computer courses. One way to help is to have LoCo members volunteering to organize Ubuntu courses. Another thing mentioned by Anas Emad is that their computing infrastructure is very outdated and primitive. Perhaps we can have some of our volunteers volunteering to migrate them to Ubuntu as well as using a better and more modern infrastructure.

Resources Required

  • Volunteers, Volunteers, Volunteers.
  • Developers (in case we improve their infrastructure)

Interested people

  • Anas Emad
  • Ahmed Toulan
  • Mohammed Gamal
  • Mahmoud Fawzy
  • Islam Al-Wazery


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