How would you like to join us?

In UbuntuEG we have many fields to work on, all of them are there to help spreading the word across the country, this is how the whole team gather to have fun, collaborate with each other and make our mission much easier and faster to success. All jobs listed are completely voluntarily, dreaming of a linux-friendly Egypt.

  • Ubuntu As a User: By acknowledging your support to Ubuntu/Linux in Egypt, you make the way much shorter Smile :-) Attending events is a great way to gain more experience with Ubuntu System and Community and have new friends!. If you have any trouble using Ubuntu, it's always a better way to show up and get some help!

  • Ubuntu As an Activist: If you have some free time and you want to share it with the rest of the team while advocating the philosophy of Open Source, come and jump into the fun:

    • Online Activist: You may like to advocate Open Source online or to work inside the team by getting in charge of one of team's jobs, like:

      • Giving Support[ML, IRC, Forums, FB].
      • Draw graphics for team's need.
      • Website Maintenance.
      • Help promoting Ubuntu on social media.
      • Mentor others to Linux use/development.
    • Offline Activist:

      • Event Organization.
      • Logistic support.
      • Attending Events.
    • Both?

      • Are you enthusiastic that much?, you can help with of the above jobs, either Online or Offline when, where and how you want. Just show up on the ML and say that you want to help somehow.


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