Meeting will be in: Cilantro Abbas Elakkad

Time: 8pm - 10pm

Flicker photo set

Agenda Items

  • Discuss fund-raising.
  • Discuss Associating with CORD.
  • 3D art or game related marketing material.
  • Website state.
  • Approval application.
  • Collect donations from members.


  • Karim Fayez.
  • Ahmed Toulan.
  • Islam Alwazery.
  • Omar Mohsen.
  • Jonathan Hindi.
  • Abdallah Hodeib.


  • Fundraising discussion:
    • We need a trained team of negotiators.
    • There are 2 kinds of fundraising. Inkind and cash. Inkind like CDs and food.
    • We need a brainstorming session to discuss the following:
      • Our edge. What makes different ?
      • What can we offer ?
      • Target sector.
      • Categorizing sponsors.
    • Mock session.
    • Gathering contacts of the target market.
    • We will need a legal entity.
  • Action items:
    • Consult a lawyer regarding the legal entity. Karim Fayez.
    • Gather interested parties. Jonathan and Anas.
    • Training the team on the basic set of skill. Karim Fayez.
    • Brainstorming session. To be organized by Karim and all the team should participate.
    • Benefit pack formulation. All fundraising team.
    • Mock session. to be organized by Karim.
  • CORD: Please reference this email to know what CORD is.

    • Interested members of ubuntu-eg team can help in building software for robots for CORD, were the software will be released open source.
    • Ubuntu-eg can help in awareness increasing sessions, FLOSS related, that CORD organize.
    • CORD is a great entrance point in 6 universities.
  • 3D art or game related marketing material:
    • The game can be flash based.
    • Ideas for the game:
      • A player collecting ubuntu coins.
      • Community related game. Instead of searching in the wiki u'll have characters to ask all the question about the ubuntu community. You can think of it as NPC(non playing character) in MMORPGs.
      • Use lightDM and create something related to the team.
      • Need a brainstorming session Smile :)

  • Website
    • Launchpad login is still not finished.
    • We can start aggregation from other blogs.
    • Using Egyptian slang was proposed. Forwarding this to the mailing list to discuss it.
    • Some few text are still not translated. Need volunteers.
    • Implement moderation for users' blog posts.
  • Approval Application:
    • Update key details section + add teamreports, facebook, linkedin, twitter.
    • Update the experience section.
    • Discuss roadmap in a meeting.


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