Meeting Information:


Monday 16th of July 2012 7pm


Cilantro Abbas Elakkad

People present

  • Anas Emad
  • Ahmed Faisal
  • Ahmed Sultan
  • Abdallah Hodeib
  • Omar Mohsen
  • Mahmoud Tantawy
  • Mohamed Badr
  • Jonathan Hindi
  • Ahmed Toulan
  • Islam Alwazery
  • Islam Hassan

Agenda Items

  • Introducing the team to new comers.
  • Current state of the Ubuntu-eg council.
  • Planning Iftar Ramadan.
  • Planning meeting with EGLUG.
  • Website.
  • Open discussion.


  • New council was chosen to proceed. Names: Islam Hassan, Omar Mohsen, Ahmed Sultan and Ahmed Toulan. The main purpose of this council is to complete on the steps of the previous council which include the membership process and completing the draft documents.
  • Several places were suggested for the Iftar. We will publicize the results after ensuring the availability of these places.
  • EGLUG will be invited to the Iftar.
  • The website is up and running, we will start to aggregate members' blogs.


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