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Washington State, USA

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Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-0700)

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eeickmeyer at ubuntu.com



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Eickmeyer on libera (Other networks are listed on my Launchpad page)







About me

I'm a multimedia professional who works as an Audio/Video/Lighting engineer with some photography on the side. As you can imagine, Ubuntu Studio is my flavor of choice. My contributions to Ubuntu Studio started in March of 2018 when Set Hallstrom and Ross Gammon put out a call to form a council to sustain Ubuntu Studio, which had received extraordinarily little, if any, attention since 2016. I came onboard and ran the meetings and presented ideas to enhance the flavor, which led to a renaissance and revitalization for the flavor that is apparent in the work that went into 18.10. I have also provided direction and ideas for the flavor to move forward and was responsible, after the team concurred, in the engineering that went into the conversion of the flavor from Xfce to KDE Plasma.

Additionally, I am also part of the team that creates the Kubuntu Focus brand of computers and am therefore part of the Kubuntu OEM team. My main focus there is as the director of User Experience and packaging for the hardware customizations and hardware configuration utilities, several of which I am the co-author.

Positions in the Ubuntu Community:

  • Ubuntu Ubuntu Studio Release Manager

    Ubuntu Ubuntu Studio Project Leader

    Ubuntu Ubuntu Community Council 2020-Present

    Ubuntu Ubuntu MOTU


Ubuntu Studio


  • Became a member of the Ubuntu Community Council in 2020
  • Became an Ubuntu MOTU in 2021
  • Contributed to PackageKit

  • Became familiar with Snap packaging, packaged Freeshow for inclusion in Ubuntu Studio.

  • Has spearheaded efforts to bridge the gap between potential contributors and the existing development community.
  • Pushes to fix User Experience issues throughout Ubuntu and flavors
  • Pushes to streamline community contributions and lowering barriers


Testimonials go below:

Erich has been an inspriring example of leadership by a newcomer to Ubuntu Studio. He's shown himself both willing to do the hard work and also humble enough to ask for help and advice when needed. He would be a great Ubuntu Member. -- valorie-zimmerman 2018-10-19 05:26:47

After a few release cycles without active leadership, Ubuntu Studio was in danger of disappearing as a flavour. Then Erich stepped up to the plate! Unfortunately for Erich, things had become a little neglected, and the handover process was mostly non-existent. But that has not put Erich off. Erich is an outstanding example of leadership in the open software world. He is an excellent communicator, and actively prompts the team to join meetings, and discuss the way forward. He had a very steep learning curve, and has learnt very quickly how to seek and ask for help. In Erich's time as chair of the Ubuntu Studio council, he has in my opinion shown exactly what it takes (and more) to be a member of the Ubuntu community. Keep up the good work Erich! -- rosco2 2018-10-31 16:08:24

Having gotten involved with Ubuntu Studio in the last year, Eich has helped breath some life into an official flavour that had little to no activity over the last while. Active in the promotion, management and well being of the project, engaged in the #ubuntu-flavors IRC channel, discussions on podcasts, Eich will make a valuable Ubuntu member promoting all things Ubuntu. -- bashfulrobot 2018-10-31 17:51:45

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