About me

I'm Paul Gevers, a Development Engineer at ASML. I have been using Debian and later Ubuntu for some 10 years now and decided that I should contribute to the open source community. In the mean time, I became a Debian Developer and as such I maintain the following packages.

(Co-) maintained packages

WinFF - video and audio batch converter using ffmpeg

  • This is a GUI written in Free Pascal that uses the power of ffmpeg to convert video files into other formats. It comes with several presets to take get the best out of the format.
  • WinFF website

daisy-player - player for DAISY Digital Talking Books

  • daisy-player is written by a blind person (Jos Lemmens) for "reading" digital talking books.
  • Jos Lemmens' website

ebook-speaker - ebook reader that speaks out loud

NEdit - powerful, customizable, Motif based text editor (adopted Debian: 499316)

  • NEdit is a multi-purpose text editor for the X Window System, which combines a standard, easy to use, graphical user interface with the thorough functionality and stability required by users who edit text eight hours a day. It provides intensive support for development in a wide variety of languages, text processors, and other tools, but at the same time can be used productively by just about anyone who needs to edit text. Users of Macintosh and MS Windows based text editors will find NEdit a familiar and comfortable environment.
  • NEdit website

lesstif - OSF/Motif 2.1 implementation released under LGPL (co-maintainer)

  • Runtime shared libraries for Lesstif, the Hungry Programmers' version of OSF/Motif 2.1.
  • Lesstif website

motif - Motif widget library

  • Motif is the industry standard GUI component toolkit for *NIX (co-maintainer)
  • ICS website

  • Recently released under GPL and now in the process of getting into Debian main

Cacti - frontend to rrdtool for monitoring systems and services

  • Useful software to monitor you server(s) via a website.
  • Cacti website

And I struggled some with:

MiKTeX package manager, but I gave up on that for the moment. (LP:111263, Debian:481606 & 481607)

KSquirrel - image-viewer (LP: 107228)

  • KSquirrel is an image viewer for KDE with disk navigator, file tree, multiple directory view, thumbnails, extended thumbnails, dynamic format support, DCOP interface, KEXIF and KIPI plugins support.


For the Wheezy release of Debian, I fixed and uploaded several packages:

Sponsored packages

Since I am a DD, I have sponsored several packages from others. My first sponsorships are listed here:

liferea - feed aggregator for GNOME

FPC - Free Pascal Compiler

Bug Squad

I am running through the some bugs once in a while and try to triage. Especially those related to fpc, lazarus, ffmpeg and my own packages.


As my native language is Dutch I am helping with the translations (via Dutch-debian).

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