About Me

I am a Chinese girl majoring in English. Being a fan of not only Ubuntu but also all free software, I love freedom and enjoy sharing. I became a Ubuntu Member since June 2010. I became the Ubuntu China LoCo Contact since July 2010. I became a Ubuntu Asia and Oceania Membership Board Member since August 2011.

Contact Me

E-mail: <chenyueg AT SPAMFREE ubuntu DOT com>, <eleanorc AT SPAMFREE ubuntu DOT org DOT cn>, <chenyueg AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>
IRC: Destine (irc.freenode.net) - #ubuntu-cn, #ubuntu-cn-translators, #ubuntu, #ubuntu-translators, #ubuntu-locoteams, #ubuntu-meeting, #ubuntu-women
Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~chenyueg
Location: Beijing and Sichuan, China (UTC +0800)

Now Working As

Summary of Contributions to Ubuntu

Most of my contributions are in the fields of localization and LoCo team, including:

  • Currently serve as Ubuntu China LoCo Contact, administrator of Ubuntu/Launchpad Simplified Chinese Translators teams, GNOME committer, KDE/TP Translator, administrator of ubuntu-zh mailling list and operator of #ubuntu-cn, actively involved in both upstream and downstream translation and the development of Launchpad translations terminology.

  • Hosted Ubuntu 11.04 Release Party in Beijing and helped to organize Ubuntu 11.04 Release Party in other 17 cities all around China.
  • Hosted Ubuntu 10.10 Release Party in Beijing and helped to organize Ubuntu 10.10 Release Party in Shanghai.
  • Hosted Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Release Party [1][2] and gave a lecture on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS in Beijing, China.

  • Translated and re-wrote Ubuntu Desktop Course to Ubuntu Karmic Koala(and will be Lucid Lynx in one month) with seven other collaborators from the community.

  • Launched a number of Ubuntu promotions in both the senior high and the university.
  • Assisted teachers in designing and materializing a course on Free and Open Source Software and gave several lectures on Ubuntu and FOSS.
  • Created a promotion video clip about FOSS which has been an essential part of the course that every freshman in my university and my senior high will learn.

  • Currently translate Ubuntu China LoCo website and actively participate in the discussions in its forum and IRC channel.

  • Took part in Software Freedom Day 2009 - USTB, Ubuntu Karmic Koala Installfest hosted by Ubuntu China LoCo , and Beijing Linux User Group and wrote a brief instruction for newbies and prepared some CDs.

  • Help people, especially college students and women, to step into the world of FOSS and its community.

In addition, I am also currently working on the documentation for GNOME translation and packaging for Debian.

Bugs I Have Reported

Bugs I Have Fixed

Future Plan

  • Ensure better translation for Ubuntu.
  • Contribute to Ubuntu's user experience features.
  • Help women and college students to get into FOSS Community.
  • Promote Ubuntu in Chinese universities and among women.


  • Eleanor has dedicated her special power to Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) promotion and localization in the past four years. She is a very active member of Chinese GNOME/Ubuntu community. The high quality of work and her friendly manner have impressed every individual who has collaborated with her in several projects including GNOME Simplified Chinese localization, Ubuntu/Launchpad Simplified Chinese Translators teams, Ubuntu Desktop Course Chinese Edition. She has involved in a lot of local events such as Software Freedom Day 2009 and hosted Ubuntu 10.04 Release Party in May 2010 in Beijing. Every point of her contribution has shown her great passion in FOSS, and every step of her progress has proved her comprehension of the meaning of Freedom. I totally support this application, and she deserves a Ubuntu Membership. -- happyaron

  • I have gotten to know Eleanor from GNOME localization, she is doing a lot of translations for GNOME, and very active. More than that, she is also very enthusiastic on pushing and spreading Ubuntu in China. She hosted Ubuntu 10.04 release party, and it's very successful. I recommend Eleanor deserves for a Ubuntu member. RayWang

  • I cooperate with Eleanor in GNOME Simplified Chinese localization, Ubuntu/Launchpad Simplified Chinese Translators teams and Ubuntu Desktop Course Chinese Edition, etc. She is a perfectionist and is tireless. I took part in the Ubuntu 10.04 Release Party in Beijing in May 2010, which was hosted by her, and it was a perfect LUG activity. As I know, Eleanor is learning more and will contribute to FOSS more in more fields. She will be a good Ubuntu Member.wzssyqa

  • Eleanor has mastered excellent administrative skills and has dedicated almost all her free time to Ubuntu China LoCo. She is responsible, productive and easy going. She is a good leader, and everyone likes to work with her. Also, she is an excellent translator in both Ubuntu and GNOME localization projects, and her works are all of very good quality. I firmly believe that she will add fresh blood into the community. I am pleased to support this application and she deserves a Ubuntu Membership. ZhengPengHou

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