About Me

I have been floating about in the community for 7 years now as forestpiskie and elfy, how time flies ...

I've been a member of Ubuntu Forums since the end of May 2007, joining there to get a few answers and have spent many hours there since helping others.

I was at one point quite heavily involved with the Beginners Team but as time went by I moved onto pastures new.

Ubuntu Forums - Elfy Launchpad - elfy IRC - elfy, hobgoblin on irc.freenode.net


Ubuntu Forums

I contribute to the Ubuntu Forums whenever I can, which of late has meant less support

I was asked in 2012 to join the Forum Council as an administator after some years as a moderator on the forums.

I'm finding that I spend less time supporting people on the forum that I'd prefer, though I manage to do so when I can. More of my time is of late spent on the tasks the FC does behind the scenes.


I've been using Xubuntu since 2011, since I spent some time in the Xubuntu IRC channels helping out where possible. I was part of the 2012 team rewriting the offline docs prior to the release of 12.10.

I was recently asked if I'd like to be the Xubuntu QA Lead, a different use of my time than I am used to, but I hope to bring experience both from my time on the forum and work to bear and look forward to working with the Xubuntu team in a position of responsibility.

QA Team

I have been heavily involved during the Saucy dev cycle here creating and administrating manual testcases for Xubuntu.



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