About Me

My name is Elias Gabriel Amaral da Silva and I live in Natal, Brazil. I speak Portuguese (of course) and something of Engrish Smile :) . I study on Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte. Currently I use Ubuntu Edgy on my desktop PC, but I already used Ubuntu Dapper/Breezy, Debian Sarge, Red Hat and Conectiva. I know some of OCaml, Shell Script, PHP and C programming languages.

I really don't know any more to say.


Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/people/dlight

Blog: http://dlight.wordpress.com (Portuguese)

IRC Nick: dark_light on irc.freenode.org (#ubuntu-br, ##debian-br, #ocaml) and irc.brasnet.org

E-mail: tolkiendili < insert an AT here > gmail < insert a DOT here > com < thank you >

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EliasAmaral (Ubuntu-BR - Portuguese)

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