About Me

Hi folks! I'm Emilio Pozuelo Monfort, aka pochu.

I'm a Computer Science student at the Universidad de Murcia at Murcia, Spain, city where I born and live.

I used Windows for all my live, but on December 2005, my brother showed me the light.

I started with BreezyBadger, conserving w2k. But a little later, I installed DapperDrake Flight4 in another partition, and started testing Ubuntu. At once, I moved my home to Dapper, and keep testing and learning. During that period, I erased w2k from my computer, and finished my liberation from the evil.

With EdgyEft, I started from the beginning, and I've been using the development release of Ubuntu until then.

I'm also an Ubuntu Member since February 26th 2007!

What I do


I spend some time in #ubuntu-bugs, triaging bugs, marking as duplicates, pointing reports to the proper packages... I specially take care of bugs in some packages. I've contributed with some uploads, and I'd like to learn more about packaging. In short, I'm a bugfighter!


I'm a member of the Masters of the Universe, the team which maintains most of the Ubuntu archive. I take care of some packages of my interest, and help reviewing new packages and maintaining the SponsorsQueue.


I help with packaging in the DesktopTeam, which handles the Ubuntu (GNOME) environment.

What I would like to do

  • Learn Python and C.
  • Become a core-dev... some day Smile :)

  • Do a SoC project.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me if you want. I promise to answer all the emails Wink ;)

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort






pochu @ Freenode and OFTC


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