IRC Help

Rules and Guidelines

This section contains a set of Rules and Guidelines. Kindly go through them and try and keep them in mind.


  1. First and foremost you are expected to abide by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct (CoC)

  2. Avoid spamming the channel or spamming others.
  3. Avoid using bad or offensive language.
  4. Avoid indulging in religious or political talks.
  5. Avoid posting offensive material or links.
  6. Avoid insulting other individuals or groups


This set of guidelines will help you make your stay and experience here at #ubuntu-ae more enjoyable.

  1. Be Nice. We are a community. We are here to share ideas and help people. Avoid being rude to others.

  2. Participate. We are always looking out for new ideas. Participate in discussions and put forth your suggestions.

  3. Language. Try and keep English as language of communication in the channel. Y

  4. Badmouthing. Avoid badmouthing others.

  5. Lighten Up. We are here to have a good time. Relax, Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy yourself. Smile :)


Ops are people in the channel who have special privileges. They have the right to kick or ban anyone they find not abiding by the Rules or the Code of Conduct. Please feel to contact the Ops if case of any problems in the Channel.

How to join us on #ubuntu-ae

Our IRC channel can be found at #ubuntu-ae on the FreeNode network (

Internet Relay Chat is a chat protocol most actively used by developers and hackers around the world. In the Linux scene this IM solution is used most frequently by Ubuntu developers and members of the community There's an excellent guide for IRC on Ubuntu. Following are the summary of the ways to connect on Ubuntu.


  • Clicking this link allows you to connect to IRC networks through web browsers. Hit in a nickname and you're good to go.


  • Add an account for IRC protocol with the network being . When it's connected a new window will show up that allows communication with Freenode servers. Type /join #ubuntu-ae and hit enter to join our channel.


  • This is a great dedicated IRC client available in the ubuntu repositories. Fire up the Ubuntu Software Center and search for XChat. Or if you're terminal-savvy, run sudo apt-get install xchat. An entry for XChat will appear in the Internet section under Applications menu. Hit it up, and window will appear giving you a list of servers. Choose Freenode, and it'll display the server window connecting to Freenode. Another dialog box will appear asking for the channel, and in the second entry write ubuntu-ae after the #.


  • A big thank you for Neil and Bassem for setting up the channel, and Toki and Haden for setting up this Wiki page.

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