I've tried to quickly summarise what I've done for Ubuntu in each release cycle below:

Bionic Cycle

Having started to use Ubuntu for various use cases again, and discovering that many of the folk with whom I am working on other projects are unfamliar with Ubuntu processes or consider an Ubuntu identity "them", I have found more and more reasons to submit patches, which habit I hope to continue.

Raring Cycle

I attended UDS, was involved in discussions about release management, the new GNOME flavour, arm and powerpc servers, cloud computing, and finally fixing joysticks once and for all, followed shortly thereafter by a loss in the family, again leading to an extended period of inactivity in Ubuntu, as my return to development was primarily focused on various activities in upstream or mainline communities, with limited focus on building integration systems independent of the distribution model.

Oneric Cycle

At the start of the cycle, I was heavily involved in multiarchitecture porting efforts, the Kubuntu Mobile telephone flavour, and building closer coordination with Debian on many fronts. Due to personal issues, by the end of the cycle, I was no longer active in Ubuntu at all, and remained inactive through the precise and quantal cycles.

Natty Cyle

This was the peak of my armel porting, including coordinating community donation of hardware to ensure that all flavours were able to actively maintain armel releases.

Maverick Cycle

More armel porting, some powerpc porting, and lots of discussion about telephony and phones in general.

Lucid cycle

I mostly focused on porting packages for the "armel" architecture, including a fair amount of work improving support for emulated cross-builds with qemu-static.

Karmic Cycle

I was nearly completely inactive during the Karmic cycle (very busy with work).

Jaunty Cycle

Added more support for lpia to the installer and many other programs. Assisted with the initiation of the armel port.

Intrepid Cycle

Assisted with definition and integration of the Ubuntu MID and Ubuntu UMPC flavours into the release cycle. Some NBS uploads and sync coordination near freeze deadlines.

Hardy Cycle

Acted as REVU Coordinator working with new packages, associated processes, and documentation. Involved in coordination of QA tools and participant in the Universe Sponsors team. Uploads for bugfixes, QA targets, and Debian sync. Joined Ubuntu Studio Developers and Ubuntu Japanese Team. and participated in goal definition for both releases. Joined MOTU Council, and prepared most of the documentation and process associated with Ubuntu Contributing Developers.

Gutsy Cycle

More merge work, and some library transitions. Started some oldlibs removal efforts. continued with process improvement and documentation. Reviewed the entire contents of the wiki towards assisting with planning for the MOTU wiki reorganisation. Joined MOTU, and began to assist with sponsoring and REVU. Joined Debian Games team and began feeding more patches back. Near the end of the cycle I spent a lot of time on RC bug triage and cleanup, and universe release coordination.

Feisty Cycle

I assisted with merges and sync planning, preparing patches for bugs, and providing support and guidance to participants in #ubuntu-bugs and #ubuntu-motu. I also began process documentation and participation in the MOTU decision process.

Edgy Cycle

I spent some time guiding others towards the creation of more .desktop files, and triaged more bugs, but was largely inactive in development.

Dapper Cycle

I continued to triage bugs, and participate in #ubuntu-bugs. I also began to work on the .desktop files in earnest, drafting many and preparing icons for packages that lacked them. As the release approached, I assisted with some of the topic targets from #ubuntu-motu, including merges, libjack0.80->libjack0.100 transtion, dh_iconcache addition, libopenal0->libopenal0a transition, and preparing new upstreams to target high-profile bugs.

Breezy Cycle

I prepared patches to address issues with my unusual hardware, began to prepare .desktop files for inclusion in packages, and wrote some scripts to automate .desktop generation from the Debian menu system. I spent a fair amount of time triaging bugs, and participated in several Bug Days, including acting as primary coordinator for the 17th September Bug Day. I further prepared a MainInclusionReport for libsdl1.2debian-alsa as the ALSA migration had left all SDL applications with sound problems.

Hoary Cycle

I spent a fair amount of time in #ubuntu, both receiving support for issues in my environment, and assisting others with issues in theirs.

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