Desktop-oriented Task List

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  2. Main points indicate category headings. Bullet points indicate tasks.

The Task List

Background: Ubuntu is a Debian based distribution that is based on the Linux kernel and is designed for simple user installation, setup, and migration from alternative computer operating systems.

Support: Ability to troubleshoot hardware and software solutions installed on Ubuntu to facilitate business and work processes.

Knowledge: Demonstrate ability to substitute non-proprietary software solutions for proprietary software.

Configuring Gnome

Configure a lockdown (similar to Kiosk in KDE)

  • Prevent menu changes / config changes (/etc)

Configuring Major Applications

  • with a focus on consistent language integration in word processors, office programs etc.

Setup User Logins

  • setup login accounts for multiple users.
  • configure the user login window.
  • sharing folders in Ubuntu with mounted drives.
  • configure a remote login.



  • Install software which do not have .deb files (including conversion of rpm files).
  • Install, configure, setup software using Synaptic Package Manager.
  • Add/Remove software installations.


  • reporting bugs.
  • documenting solutions.
  • reporting solutions.


  • Validate user accounts against (open) LDAP/AD.
  • Setup CUPS to use CUPS server/Microsoft file & Print server.

Configure Users and Groups

  • Configure user settings.
  • Manage Group settings (modify, update user permissions)

Backing Up Ubuntu

  • Create system backups of user files.

Log and debug files

  • Reviewing log files for troubleshooting.

Upgrading Ubuntu

  • Upgrading Ubuntu to a newer version.

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