Server-oriented Task List

Important notes:'

  1. Please do not edit this page before reading about the Ubuntu engineer certification.

  2. Main points indicate category headings. Bullet points indicate tasks.

The Task List


  • installing over a network
  • performing a server installation
  • creating a multi-boot system
  • installing without a cdrom drive
  • configuring TFTP netbooting

Software Management

  • configuring local and network sources
  • searching the local package archive
  • setting up a local mirror
  • managing packages using aptitude / synaptic
  • building binary packages from source packages


  • manually configuring the network interfaces file (including static and dynamic configurations for ethernet and wifi)

Network services

  • setting up am iptables firewall
  • setting up a DHCP server
  • setting up a DNS server
  • setting up a TFTP server
  • setting up samba and/or NFS

User management

  • configuring PAM (on clients) and LDAP (on servers)
  • configuring kerberos?
  • configuring NIS?


Disaster management and recovery

  • Knowing how to setup RAID
  • Designing/implementing a backup scheme

Boot process and Service management

  • enabling and disabling services during boot (i.e. configuring runlevels):
    • manually
    • using update-rc.d

Configuring major applications

  • configuring the MTA
  • configuring the web server
  • configuring a proxy server?


  • Doing basic security checks
  • Knowing how to interpret log files
  • Configuring host-based firewalling using iptables and perhaps scripts/gui?



  • configuring locales
  • reporting a bug

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