Enrico Zini

Currently appointed as the Documentation Team Secretary. My job is to do all the dirty work while others do the nice things; I'm paid to do it 2 hours per day, so use me!

With dirty work I mean things like organizing meetings, writing reports, tyding up the wiki, taking note of consensus reached in the list, making sure that problems are solved and that everything works fine.

With nice things I mean writing cool documentation, working happily together, dominate the world.

Secretary TODO list

Maintained in Bugzilla.

Secretary Wish List

Here everyone can add things that you'd like me to do:

* (add your wishes here)

* MatteoZandi: Ubuntu wiki lacks a good DSDT table compilation page, this page is the only I found but it misses a lot of info, see this on gentoo forums. Not sure if this is the right place to point out but I couldn't find any better. I can collaborate since I freshly did the work on my laptop Smile :)


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