Enrique Matías Sánchez (Quique)

Email: <cronopios AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

I am a systems technician at the University of Zaragoza, Spain. I've been using Debian on my desktops since 1999 (Slink). I am a member of some Free Software groups, such as Púlsar. As such, I organized a talk by RMS in Zaragoza on July 2003. I am one of the editors of BarraPunto (kind of Spanish Slashdot), and one of the authors of the book Ciberactivismo. Sobre usos políticos y sociales de la red. My vanity domain is Cronopios.Net.


  • I intend to work on Spanish translation and documentation. I have quite a fair amount of experience writing/translating for the Spanish magazine `Mundo Linux', as well as on other teams such as KDE-es and FDP-es.


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