Groundskeeper is a tarmac bot that handles merges for the Ubuntu Error Tracker group of projects.


You'll need the credentials tarball, hereafter referred to as creds.tgz.

mkdir -p ~/bzr/precise
bzr branch lp:~daisy-pluckers/charms/precise/groundskeeper/trunk ~/bzr/precise/groundskeeper
cp ~/creds.tgz ~/bzr/precise/groundskeeper/files/creds.tgz

mkdir ~/.creds
tar -xvf ~/creds.tgz ~/.creds
export JUJU_ENV=groundskeeper
source ~/.creds/novarc

juju --verbose bootstrap -e groundskeeper --constraints "instance-type=m1.medium"
# Now follow the instructions in Prodstack above to run deploy-error-tracker, but do not source your own novarc.
# Once you have that deployed, continue from here.
juju deploy cs:~james-w/precise/tarmac --config ~/.creds/tarmac.yaml --constraints "instance-type=m1.medium"
JUJU_REPOSITORY=~/bzr juju deploy --constraints "instance-type=m1.medium" local:groundskeeper
juju add-relation tarmac groundskeeper

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