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It would be nice if F-Spot at least had the option to treat libraries/imports the same as Rhythmbox, i.e. watch them for changes.


I prefer not to use F-Spot to import my photos, but do want to use it to organise them. However, if I import new photos to the "Photos" folder or delete ones I don't want anymore, F-Spot doesn't reflect that change. This is even more important given that F-Spot is now the default photo manager.

Use cases


  • Jon is new to Ubuntu and is a keen photographer. As he doesn't know much about the different photo management programs out there for Linux he is pleased to see that one is installed for him by default, and he is impressed by it. However after selecting the folder which he keeps his photos in Jon notices that F-Spot isn't accurately reflecting the contents of that folder. Worried that F-Spot is broken Jon gives up on F-Spot and goes back to dual-booting XP to use Picasa.
  • Sajid launches F-Spot one day to find that some photos are not displaying properly. He has forgotten that he deleted the photos in the file manager and thinks that F-Spot has somehow damaged his photos.


  • Sara is a long-time Ubuntu user and has just received a digital camera for Christmas. At first she is happy just to use the file manager to view her photos, however as her collection grows she begins to wish she could keep her photos a little more organised. After a little poking around in Applications -> Graphics she discovers F-Spot. Having previously used Rhythmbox she is familiar with the concept of libraries and quickly gets to grips with F-Spot's simple user interface.

  • Sara's sister Jane isn't familar with the concept of libraries but also finds F-Spot easy to use, as what is in the folder is what is shown in F-Spot.





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