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Location: Salvador - Bahia - Brasil

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Translations in Rosetta to pt_BR


Documentation Team News - First Edition to pt_BR


Documentation Team News - Second Edition to pt_BR


Smart Boot Manager How To to pt_BR


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I'm employed by the State of Bahia ( a state in the north-east of Brazil: working as the system administrator for the State Justice Court. Currently I've been working in the implementation of a major project which has the potential of making every computer used by the local courts spread thorought the state switch from their current OS to Ubuntu Linux. It is my belief that as an Official Ubuntu Member, I'd have more of a leverage to get this project approved and get enough support to see it implemented.


"Every organization should have some like Fabio! From the very first day we met on IRC and I started working with the Brazilian Translation Team, Fabio has been the "go to" guy in the team! He selflessly volunteers his time to ALL of our tasks and is yet to turn down a project he gets assigned to! Maybe, in my humble oppinion, the unsung hero of the Brazilian Team, Fabio has a lot of potential and he has my 200% support to become an official member of the Ubuntu family!" OgMaciel

"Fabio is doing an awsome job in pt_BR translations. Not only has he done new translations, but he has been revising every single application's translation, getting rid of all the translation mistakes made earlier. He has done a great job in the Ubuntu Brasil's Planet and wiki pages also. I fully support his application to become an ubuntu member, he is doing a lot for the brazillian ubuntu community." -- MarioMeyer

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