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À propos

Je suis conseiller indépendant en technologies et logiciels libres, m'intéressant plus particulièrement au soutien technique en entreprise et aux particuliers. Mes services sont gratuits pour les enseignants au Québec.

Je suis disponible pour des mandats partout au Québec, au Canada ou à l'étranger (récemment: Pologne, Allemagne, Haïti, Colombie). Visitez Le Goût du Libre ou mon site personnel pour en savoir plus.

La liste de conférences, ateliers et formations que je suis en mesure d'adapter à vos besoins est disponible ci-bas.

"Ubuntu Member" depuis 2005, je détiens aussi les certifications "Ubuntu Certified Professional" et "Ubuntu Certified instructor". De 2006 à 2010 j'ai travaillé chez Canonical, où j'ai occupé le poste de "Senior Ubuntu Systems Support Analyst". Je suis un adepte de GNU/Linux et des logiciels libres depuis la première version d'Ubuntu en 2004. Mes distributions de choix sont Debian et Trisquel, une dérivée d'Ubuntu, mais je touche un peu à tout.

J'utilise ou je propose quotidiennement des solutions technologiques guidées par les principes fondateurs des logiciels libres. J'ai adapté ces principes pour les appliquer plus largement, comme suit:

  • La liberté d'utiliser la technologie, pour tous les usages (liberté 0).
  • La liberté d'étudier le fonctionnement d'un technologie, et de l'adapter à vos besoins (liberté 1). Pour ceci l'accès au code source, schémas, plans ou instructions de fabrication et création sont une condition requise.
  • La liberté de redistribuer des copies, donc d'aider votre voisin, (liberté 2).
  • La liberté d'améliorer une technologie et de publier vos améliorations, pour en faire profiter toute la communauté (liberté 3). Pour ceci l'accès au code source, schémas, plans ou instructions de fabrication et création sont une condition requise.

About me

I am an IT enterprise support consultant, based off Montreal, QC, Canada. My services are free for teachers in Quebec province.

I am available for contracts in Quebec, across Canada or abroad (recently: Poland, Germany, Haiti, Colombia). Visit Le Goût du Libre or my personal site for more information.

I am an Ubuntu Member since 2005, and also Ubuntu Certified Professional + Ubuntu Certified instructor. From 2006 to 2010 I worked at Canonical, as a "Senior Ubuntu Systems Support Analyst". I am an avid GNU/Linux and free software user since Ubuntu's first version came out in 2004. My choice distributions are Debian and Trisquel, an Ubuntu derivative - but I play with many more.


Teams I have been active in at some point HaitianTeam (kickstarted April 2010), MarketingTeam (Oct. 2005-2013), CanadianTeam (Oct. 2005), ColombianTeam (founded Nov. 2005), QuebecTeam (march 2006-2012), UbuntuFrenchTranslators, Wayuunaiki Translation Team (founded Dec. 2006)


See http://libreplanet.org/wiki/User:MagicFab#Presentations


See http://libreplanet.org/wiki/User:MagicFab#Hardware


These are some of my past contributions to Ubuntu, there's also a more detailed list.

  • I can offer Ubuntu professional training and consulting in Quebec province.
  • I created the Ubuntu Hour concept
  • I started several Ubuntu teams, including ColombianTeam and QuebecTeam (team contact for +5 years)

  • I do some bug reporting and documentation

  • I installed Ubuntu to my 60 yr.-old parents in Colombia (happy users since 5.04, switched to Trisquel in 2012)
  • I regularly relayed Ubuntu news and use cases to my business contacts and to the most active and visible organizations involved in free software and free computing in Quebec province.
  • Over the past years I have created lots of marketing material, including a CD-insert in spanish and french to help promote Ubuntu through CDs.

Plans & vision for Ubuntu

When I discovered Ubuntu I understood its role as an essential tool to make GNU/Linux more accessible to everyone, starting with my parents and close friends. Its community was the first open enough to let anyone participate to the extent of their abilities and availability. I have now moved to using more and more an Ubuntu derivative, Trisquel while also exploring Ubuntu's upstream Debian.

I am critical of decisions taken by Canonical, particularly the inclusion of non-free software and features that can be compared to malware, introducing privacy issues:

As part of my professional but also personal activities, I plan on focusing on the following:

In all teams

  • Keeping the Ubuntu community open and friendly, following the code of conduct
  • Contributing and teaching others how to contribute in tasks that will make upstream's work easier
  • Actively encouraging people to document their participation and contribute to upstream projects
  • Encouraging participation in local events in other free software communities

In Quebec, as part of the Ubuntu-QC team

  • Actively marketing and selling free software/IT services locally:
  • * Training
  • * Servers install and support
  • * Desktop migration and support
  • Becoming a liaison for local support & advocacy

  • Participating or organizing events with Ubuntu derivatives mentions / presence

In Colombia, as part of the Ubuntu-CO team (past)

  • Mentoring ElkinBotero (the team leader) and the members to officialize the team

  • Actively monitoring and helping with the IRC channel, mailing list and initial web resources (forums, etc.)

Local organizations

I am a member of and/or helped founding the following organizations:

  • FSF - Free Software Foundation (member since 2005, founder of Libre Planet Québec)

  • FACIL (President, 2013-)


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