Ubuntu in Wayuunaiki

A project of the Colombian and Venezuelan teams.

Project leads:: RolandoBlanco, FabianRodriguez

Contributors: EfrainValles,

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What is Wayuunaiki ?

From Wikipedia:

  • The Wayuu language, called Wayuunaiki, is part of the Arawak linguistic family predominant in different parts of the Caribbean. They have some minimal differences in dialect depending on the region of La Guajira they live in; northern, central or southern zones of this region. Most of the new generations speak Spanish fluently but they understand the importance of preserving their traditional native tongue.


This project's goal is to bring Wayuunaiki support to Ubuntu Linux and to free open source software in general through the use of the Rosetta translating tools used within the Ubuntu project.

This idea originates and is inspired by various other initiatives to preserve the usage of aboriginal languages through computers and specifically, the Gnu/Linux operating system in this case. We hope any translations contributed via the Ubuntu project will eventually make it "upstream" to other distributions and even free, open source software in other platforms like Windows.

Project Members

If you are interested in joining this project, please go to the project page and request membership. Also subcribe to this page so you are informed of changes and additions.

Finally, consider joining our mailing list for general discussion and coordination.




  • Obtain ISO code of the Wayuunaiki language - the code is "guc"
  • Request creation of Rosetta's config, checklist of things to do to be technically operational (email sent Jan 3 2007)
  • The Plural forms are ready in Rosetta. Ubuntu can be translated into Wayuunaiki

Contacts of Interest

Interested Members


  • There is a Local Newspaper in Wuayuunaiki that might help

translate and distribute Ubuntu in Wuayuu (Maracaibo - Venezuela)

  • There is help in a paint factory where the majority of the work

force is Wuayuu. (PINYTEX, Maracaibo - Venezuela)

  • who has contact with the Patricia

Velazquez Foundation wayuu-taya (relatively famous hollywood acctress who is of wayuu decendance ).

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