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In november 2006 there was a discussion in the Ubuntu Colombian LoCo team list about selling the shipit service free CDs. Personally I am absolutely against selling those CDs. However I can understand some people may want to charge a symbolic fee for such CDs or to cover customs costs, or other similar costs.

During such discussion I offered to give away DVDs including Ubuntu ISO images under certain conditions, which I thought would be interesting to formalize as a processs to resell and redistribute Ubuntu CDs produced locally, without any restriction on use and redistribution.

Requirements to obtain free DVDs

  1. You must be a member of the Colombian Ubunu Local Community Team, by following the requirements

  2. Your postal address must be in Colombia.
  3. Shipping and DVD costs are completely free for the first two members requiring the DVDs in each city

Inicially I am dedicating 60 DVDs to this small project, so approximately 20 cities/people could benefit from it.

If you feel the three requirements, please modify the end of the spanish version of this page and add your name link to Landscape profile page. I will contact you to confirm any further information, shipping, etc.

Once you have received your DVDs package, if possible please send me a postal card of your city or region, and I will put it up in my office at Canonical Smile :)

ISOs included on the DVDs

The 3 DVDs will include Edgy Eft (6.10) ISOs, specifically:

  • DVD #1: Ubuntu: Alternate (amd64, i386, PPC), Desktop (amd64, i386, PPC)
  • DVD #2: Kubuntu: Alternate (amd64, i386, PPC), Desktop (amd64, i386, PPC)
  • DVD #3:
    • Edubuntu: Install (amd64, i386, PPC), Live (i386)
    • Ubuntu: Server (amd64, i386, PPC)

Members awaiting their shipment

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