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Clear message

Hello, are you looking for an easy way to help Ubuntu?

Just click on one of the above icons and start enjoying the Ubuntu world!

You can help as you want and when you want, there'a lot of opportunities, just enjoy the Ubuntu community.

No need to be an expert to help and join Ubuntu.

Who am I ?

Age = 44, married with three babies.

City = Cantù, Como, Italy

Profession = Truck driver, yes I drive trucks and I love Ubuntu world!

Here some examples of my contribution to the community:

Bugs triaging, Iso testing, Translations

I love to spend my free time on Ubuntu.


  • Apply for bug control, probably with pidgin (evaluating).
  • Italian translation of Debugging procedure for the new local triage group (started - in progress).


If you can write something about my contributions to Ubuntu community, it will be appreciated!

MatteoLazzari : Fabio has been a great contributor within the Italian LocoTeam, where he does an amazing work within the Testing Team, is extremely appreciated. He is a nice person, and you can always find him at our meetings helping people. I highly recommend him for the Ubuntu Membership. -- mlazzari2 2011-06-24 13:45:23