Fajran Iman Rusadi. Indonesian, male, student at the UvA.


Relevant activities

Some contributions

  • Initiate the Ubuntu Repository on DVD project in Indonesia. The goal of this project is to help people which have none or very limited internet connection accessing the huge collection of Ubuntu packages. The whole packages in the repository are put into several DVDs so it can be distributed more easily. See also: http://asia.cnet.com/blogs/toekangit/post.htm?id=61953558

  • Build and maintain a small service, which is temporarily called apt-web, that helps people to figure out all dependencies of given Ubuntu packages and get the URLs of those packages. It is very helpful if you want to install some packages but you don't have an access to the Ubuntu repository directly from your PC. You can visit the page, get the URLs, and download the packages from internet cafe, school, or work place. You can then bring the downloaded packages to your PC and do the installation.

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