About me

  • 34 years old, Algerian/French, living in Helsinki
  • Debian Developer, KDE e.V member, Linaro Platform Project Manager, Linaro Release Manager
  • Using Linux since 2000, my first distribution was Debian Potato

I'm sharing utnubu ideas, i like Debian/Kubuntu, both worlds, i don't want to choose between the two and a Qt/KDE addict.



I'll try to sync/merge Debian packages with Kubuntu packages.
My first package for Kubuntu was kde-guidance and my first contact with Kubuntu members.
Since this time, i maintain much more packages now. See my packages overview here.

For my K packages, I work in the Debian Qt/KDE Team and in the Debian KDE Extras Team :


My others small contributions consist on :

  • some bugs comments/fixes (Debian/Ubuntu affected)
  • some french translations
  • some wiki pages updates
  • some updates on revu-tools
  • some ideas on motu-reviewers and revu2


  • Continue to improve Debian/Kubuntu/KDE end-user experience
  • Continue to collaborate with Kubuntu Members team, many of them already know me Smile :)

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