* I'm a computer science student in an engeneering school (at a master level).

Why did I chose Ubuntu ?

I first started using GNU/Linux about ten years ago using a slackware. After several years, I switched to FreeBSD and stuck with since I loved many of its aspects such as ports, stability and security. Ubuntu was the first GNU/Linux distribution to seduce me and make me leave the former OS. Either at the desktop or server level, it offers a wide range of possibilities, easy to use for new users and very handy for more experiences guys. I've used it on my laptop and made it as the new concurrent OS used for every new server we had at work (ISP) and it ran just fine on very different types of machines.

For that reason, I wish to make Ubuntu known and have people have a look at it before they get converted. This, either for desktop users or sysadmins. I am an active member of the OSIM (Open Source In Morocco) and part of the organisational committee of the GNU/Linux Days in Casablanca (Morocco). I wish to promote Ubuntu in Morocco where the Linux is now making his way, more and more companies switch from Unices/windows to Linux and Ubuntu would be a perfect turn over for them.




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