Federico Builes


I'm a student currently interested in the impact that Free Software can bring to third-world countries as Colombia, the country where I was born. I've been a Linux user since 2000 and I'm constantly looking for something to do or some project to help. Right now I spend most of my free time with FOSS projects as Gaim and Mozilla Firefox, trying to improve usability, reporting bugs or submitting patches for known issues.


The idea that got me involved with Ubuntu is the ideology behind the project, I'm absolutely convinced that being good/nice to other people always ends up helping you, and that's why my current focus is try to get people's ideas of what they want in software so I can help make computers more accessible to all kind of persons.

Ubuntu Vision

As much as I love the ideas of localized distributions I don't think it's the right path for Ubuntu or the Ubuntu-co group, I'm convinced that we don't need to change the current form of software (packages, permissions, inclusion of non-free soft., etc) to reach a wider audience, instead, I think that our job and main focus is to educate the persons, showing them why "this way of doing stuff" is the right one and being brief, that's my main motivation to join the project (Ubuntu-co LoCo team), bring a different point of view to the community.

Contact Info

email: federico.builes@gmail.com - fbuilesv@eafit.edu.co

website: http://www.febuiles.com

IRC: febuiles at freenode, #gaim, #wingaim, #ubuntu-co

jabber: Google talk - federico.builes@gmail.com

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