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Known issues:

  • Power-manager memory growth - Bug 82313 Increases in size by 20-30 MB per hour. Restarting power-manager will restore it to it's normal size. ScottKitterman

  • I have some problems with Amarok. 1) It doesn't remember my last playlist used before previous closing. 2) I can't rate my songs by clicking if I want set half rating (for ex. 4,5). To do so I must right-click song and choose "Edit "Rating"" or something like that (I'm using Polish version, I don't know how it figures in English). 3) I can't run scripts for searching lyrics. Clicking on the "Run script manager" buttons is doing nothing. I think that there are some more issues. All of those were working on my Kubuntu 6.10. -- Pitazboras 2007-02-05 19:38:56

    • These are Amarok, not Kubuntu issues, please post to their mailing list / website. Anyway, to set half-star rating, just select the nearest full star (eg. to set 4.5, first click on 5 stars) and then click the last selected star again, it will change to a smaller one (meaning a "half")
      • I think these aren't Amarok issues - on Kubuntu 6.10 everything worked perfectly. And I was using this way of setting half-star rating in 6.10 but it doesn't work in Herd 3. I click 5 stars (and it works normally - it shows 5 big stars) but clicking again doesn't change anything (it still shows 5 big stars and rating still is 5).
  • I also can't use my HP Laserjet 1020 printer. It was detected good but there is no "HP Laserjet 1020" driver (I wonder if it is in Kubuntu 6.10 but I don't remember). I tried to use general "HP Laserjet" driver but it doesn't work. In 6.10 adding this printer was trouble-free. -- Pitazboras 2007-02-05 19:38:56

    • There is no exact driver for LJ1020, it uses generic drivers like HPIJS or ljet4 - both work perfectly for me (Laserjet 4+) -- WitWilinski2 2007-02-05 20:06:30

      • Nope, I've tested almost all drivers with could be proper and none of them works. I thought it is Herd's issue because, as I wrote, this printer was working fine on 6.10.
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  • In the default installation of Kubuntu, there is no facility to change the KDM theme. I installed kdmtheme package. But the module did not show up in the System Settings area. However, it was available when I started "kcontrol". It would be nice, if the KDM Theme manager is installed by default and shown in "System Settings".
  • With the new logout screen in Kubuntu KDE, text under icons is not visible (it doesn't fit in the window, only 1-2 pixels of each letter are visible) -- WitWilinski2 2007-02-11 09:31:30

    • Can you provide your resolution? AFAIR, this has been already reported on smaller resolutions.
      • 1024x768 @ 85x85dpi. DejaVu Sans 9pt is used as my 'General' font in KDE

      • I have a similar issue at 1240x800. Not sure of dpi (most likely the default, since I never changed it) and I'm using a sans fond at about 10pt (I'm away from the laptop at the moment). I noticed this on the logout panel as the poster mentioned above. I also see it occasionally on drop-downs from web forms in Firefox, generally with "remembered" form values. I.E. I have two Gmail accounts. I don't have the ids and password saved in Firefox. When I login to one or the other, the dropdown appears after I type the first letter. The bottom of that dropdown panel is slightly cut off and into the lowest line of text. Am I explaining this clearly? Wink ;-)

  • Y is it that GRUB entries for Kubntu are also called Ubuntu?
    • Thats because the kernel used is still the ubuntu kernel.
      • I have never understood why it's done this way. After a while (especially with several Ubuntu-systems (Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu, Edubuntu etc)) it will be almost impossible to know which system to boot, labeling the kernels for Kubuntu as Kubuntu and not Ubuntu is a must!
  • Since libgtk has been included in the default installation, it would be a great idea if Gimp is installed by default in the place of Krita. Definitely Gimp is a better image editor than Krita and integration shouldn't be a problem with gtk-qt engine.
    • I'm not too sure about that. Firstly, Gimp is in my opinion, incredibly unfriendly. I prefer Krita's "one window" approach. And Krita is fast approaching GIMP's functionality, and definitely is more than enough for the amateur graphics editor.
    • The thing is : The GIMP is beginning to be widely used instead of Photoshop, so making it by default instead of "your unknown krita" would be better. Besides, your one-window approach isn't a good argument, since The GIMP can be configured to be so.// Nikoo Feb 11th 2007.
    • GIMP is way more performant and easier to use if you know the short cuts. katakombi Feb 15th 2007
      • Actually, GimpShop's deweirdifier plugin works only in Windows. Besides, if we were talking standards, Kubuntu would be using Firefox and ubuntu would be using Thunderbird. Its simply a matter of integration.

      • Couldn't agree more. Krita can't be seen as a real alternative for The GIMP right now. The problem might be re-considered, when KOffice reaches 2.0, but not no
        • I already see Krita approaching GIMP, and so much so that I use it for all my photo editing needs as opposed to the GIMP. To the new user, Krita is a friendlier interface and the single window also makes more sense, and feels at home in KDE. The only time GIMP is more useful than Krita is when you're working with very large images(A3 at 400dpi). And in these cases, the user would probably know enough to install GIMP anyway.
          • As you say : You, use krita, but the whole world use GIMP, at present time. Changing to krita wouldn't make sense. Besides, I've just tried it, and I find it slow, ugly, and not-friendly at all. Krita tries to fit to Photoshop interface, that I find, personnally unfriendly, but make things more unuseable than Photoshop already does. They may have tried to reinvent the wheel they definitely should instead participate to The GIMP. Nikoo Feb 14th 2007
            • Well, if we were to go by what the whole world uses, then we would be using Windows, Photoshop, Internet Explorer... and need I go on Smile :) If you find Krita unfriendly, then perhaps you should install the GIMP. There's nothing stopping you from doing so. Krita's interface, while similar to photoshop, is quite different. Granted, the GIMP is one hell of a package, but eventually, its not KDE, its not that friendly itself, and it doesn't belong in a KDE distribution. Krita has made so many strides since its inception, and as I see it, is a serious contender to the GIMP. And, once again, its not like someone's stopping you from installing the GIMP if you want it!

              • Try to understand, it is not about whether you can install your favorite app or not. It is about the defaults. No one stops us from installing digiKam, then y is it included by default? Why should katapult be available by default when I already have KDE's run command? Because it is a better option right? Also, it doesn't make sense to compare gimp with Windows. Coz right now Gimp is definitely better than Krita.. Krita can definitely be included when it gets as mature as The Gimp. But right now, that is not the case.
                • It is your opinion that GIMP is better than Krita, and it is mine, that Krita is easier to use, and hence that gives it an edge over the GIMP. Its a matter of opinions, and I tend to feel that Krita's benefits outweigh its weaknesses, especially the fact that it fits into the desktop, and fits in one window! Its not quite the same as comparing it to Digikam, since thats the ONLY photo management application in contention for KDE. As I see it, Krita is as mature as the GIMP, if not more Smile :)

  • I think Kubuntu needs a new Artwork. A new Icon theme, a glossy widget style (like polyester), more refined color theme and wallpaper would be great.
    • As for the new widget style, QtCurve provides both GTK and QT/KDE look and can be made 'Glossy'. But wouldn't that make kubuntu look too mandrake'ish ?

      • I don't exactly want QtCurve. Even if the widget style is gonna remain same, Icon set and Color theme should be revamped.

      • I'm actually all for Polyester. It looks classy, and has the right number of options. QTCurve seems a little too "glossy". Anyway, I agree that we need a new icon theme. Oxygen anyone? Smile :) Other than oxygen, I dont mind snowish too much.

        • The problem with Polyester is, it is QT-only. I think it is the right time to switch to a consistent theme, to make GTK and QT apps look similar. One of the possibilities is QtCurve. Another one is Metatheme, which I didn't try...

          • Thing is, we dont need a gtk based theme as well because of the gtk-qt engine, included by default in kde, which is why polyester with gtk-qt is quite functional. Besides, kubuntu is a kde desktop, it shouldn't have to worry about gtk themes.
            • I think You're wrong about that. Imagine a brand-new user of Kubuntu installing GIMP or any other GTK-based app. First words? "K/Ubuntu sucks" or worse - "Linux sucks", "This looks like crap". gtk-qt theme slows things down and has many graphical glitches, that's why I don't even take it into account. Consistent application look is a must, to make users (especially corporate users) like it. It is only one step away... Smile :)

              • I doubt someone would be that revolted by the appearence of an Application. Besides, firefox looks fine for me with gtk-qt and so does the GIMP. It certainly hasn't made me hate linux! The GTK-QT theme hasn't had graphical glitches for a while now... since it reached 0.7, its been quite good, refreshing and otherwise. As I said before, Kubuntu shouldn't have to worry about non-KDE apps too much.
    • Tangerine could be used as the icon theme for Kubuntu. It is clean and simple and works for both KDE and GNOME. The only thing to do is to add some missing icons, which are replaced by KDE's Crystal icons, eg. KDE Main Menu's icon, Security 'padlock' icon etc., other than that, Tangerine is coming close-to-perfect Wink ;)

  • Issues I've posted for Herd1 and Herd2 still apply : I used AMD64 LiveDesktop Festy fawn herd 3 on my laptop ASUS A6KmQ007H. No nvidia driver (nvidia or nv) loaded, therefore no desktop acceleration, and moving windows is awfully slow. The Kubuntu system settings should contain more KDE items submenus like security, samba conf, for examples. My wireless connection bcm43xx still doesn't work. Same error during boot as in Herd 2 : "microcode not loaded" etc... -- Nikoo Feb 3rd 2007 . Comment for the above comment : we don't need artwork, we need things work, just work.

  • Dual screen X is still seriously broken for Intel graphics driver : Using a dual screen setup (with or without Xinerama) broke badly for i810 Intel graphics chips in Edgy (was working fine in Dapper). Despite bugreports being filed by me and others (bug no 67985 and quite a few comments on the (K)Ubuntu forums this is still broken in Herd 3. I have reported this directly to developers as well, with no feedback or fixes. With Xinerama screen 2 does not update and windows cannot be dragged completely over to screen 2 (see screenshot. If I turn Xinerama off I can use the two screens independently, but reboot and shutdown does not work, it just hangs with a blank screen. Trying to do a X restart (Ctrl+Alt+Backspace) hangs the computer.

  • Where did examples disappear? They were there on desktop in Herd 2. Otherwise works as good as 6.10 (no hw accel nvidia, usb modem sagem fast 800 not working out of box, etc).
    • I think this was just a quick measure to get some space on the CD - it will probably get back on CD before release.
  • Yay! Hibernate and suspend seems to work for the first time with my GeForce 7400 Go. How did you work that out? Please, don't break it once again Smile :) . katakombi Feb 15th 2007

  • I was pretty surprised to see how well Herd3 worked on my new HP laptop (Core 2 Duo, Intel 945GM video, Intel wireless). What was particularly pleasing was that KNetworkManager worked out of the box with my Intel 3945ABG wifi. Even better was that KNetworkManager worked correctly with KDEWallet to save the WEP key (this has never worked correctly in another distro where it's enabled). The only issue I has was right after the install. I started adept, enabled all the repositories, then tried to update. Whenever I clicked update or tried to add something from the software list, a new window would open, telling me there was an update to Kubuntu. I clicked the "update" button at the bottom of the box, and adept would just close down. I was able to get the repositories updated with apt-get at the command line. Adept worked fine after that. Otherwise, impressive.
  • Amarok with xine engine (xine 1.1.4) truncates last few seconds of a remote track [not stream, just a file on a remote server, eg. with http:// prefix], local tracks play fine. Ogg streams skip on title/artist change (xine bug)

  • With transparency enabled, when changing from one window to another one, sometimes the window selected remains transparent and I need to right click on it and move the transparency selector a bit to fix it. WitoldKrakowski

  • The optoin for partitioning and choosing root partition has to make it easier to allow one to chosoe the existing partioinin set up, and simply overwrite one or more of the existing partions. I don't want to repartitoin, and always get frightened that I have to think too hard at this part of the install. I didn't test herd3 because of this. (Bryan Lawrence)

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