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Known issues:

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  • Live-cd: Screen resolution on live-cd is 1024x768 with 0Hz refreshrate instead of the native 1920x1200 with 60Hz on my laptop. (Dell xps m1710) --mart81
  • With the new logout screen in Kubuntu KDE, text under icons is not visible (it doesn't fit in the window, only 1-2 pixels of each letter are visible, rest is cut off)
    • Finally fixed for me by one of the recent KDE/Qt upgrades
  • On System Settings -> Look and Feel -> KDM Theme Manager there is no "Administrator Mode" button, so unable to change the KDM theme. (work around is starting kcontrol)

  • Recent KDE upgrades (23.02.2007) brought a new kdm release. While installing, question about changes in kdm.conf is asked. Upon accepting it, kdm reverts to old-plain-ugly interface (eg. it disables kdm themes, which have to be re-enabled manually) -- this probably will not be straightforward for Linux newcomers. kdmtheme makes choosing the right theme easier, but who knows such a tool exists?


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  • The new logout screen is only one thing: Totally ugly. Please bring back the old logout screen or create a way to switch between the two versions.
  • I dunno whether this problem persists in Feisty, but I had it in Edgy. Whenever I install "nvidia-glx", an i386 version of kernel got installed automatically, inspite of the fact that nvidia-glx can use the generic kernel itself. This was a problem as the i386 kernel did not detect the dual core processor. Actually nvidia-glx depends on the virtual package, "nvidia-kernel-1.0.8776" which is provided by both i386 and generic kernels. As generic kernel is installed by default, adept should not try to install the i386 kernel. Atleast, it must ask the user about what needs to be done.
  • The new kicker layout is damn cool. But unlike the gnome version, the new logout layout looks sad on KDE. I still miss a kdm theme manager. Please include the "kdmtheme" package and allow it to show up in "System Settings".
  • Just did a painless upgrade from Herd 3. The way the icons are animated when you click them looks exceedingly cool. Asian Language support still doesn't works, though (bug submitted)
  • The new Kicker Layout is better than the previously! there are now only 3 large icons to the left of the Kicker and 2 virtual workspaces/desktops instead of 4 it's wonderful!

  • The new logout panel( is a downgrade compared to the egdy version for me, what was wrong with the edgy version? It was perfect IMO.

    • The new logout panel is like the in Ubuntu (GNOME) - standart KDE loooks better - sleeping Kongi, buttons and grub's selection.--zigi
    • The new logout panel looks a bit rudimental! The old one looks MUCH BETTER!!! --maltinho
    • I like how the new logout panel is organized, it would be nice to have at least a background image though to make it look a bit nicer.
    • Is the "log out" icon final in the new shutdown dialog? It's a little "pixeled". I miss the sleeping Konqi a bit, but the fade effects are great! Smile :) --ToniHelenius

    • Thanks for all the hard work. Here's some feedback regarding the logout panel:
      • The layout for the logout panel could be improved by balancing white space and element grouping. There is an uncomfortable imbalance between the white space toward the edges of the panel and towards the center of the panel created by the clustering of the elements toward the center. It causes the size of the panel to seem aribtrary and disconnected from its contents. Improved spacing, grouping, panel sizing or an additional graphical element might improve this a bit.
      • It seems that the Cancel button occupies its own vertical space for the entire width of the panel. This throws off the vertical balance of the panel layout and causes the Cancel button to appear disjoint and disconnected. One remedy might be to make the Cancel button one of the standard big-icon choices OR maybe a grouping box/container around the big-icon choices to re-establish some vertical balance.
      • If part of the effort with this logout panel is to remedy the tiny (16x16) icons on the buttons in the default KDE logout panel, then slightly larger buttons with a bit larger (22x22) icons may have been sufficient to address this. The sleeping Konqi, while cute, could have been improved with a better graphic. Either way, thanks for all the hard work. --Jamboarder
  • Love it but there's two details that are bugging me ... #1: how about integrating the "SUSE" Kicker (see for an example) ? and #2: how about putting some more impressive background as default I mean this one just looks boring and there are so many great ones (see kde-look) so you know you get the "Wooooooow" effect and a very positive first impression Smile :-) other than those details GREAT JOB seriously you guys keep astonishing me Smile :-) -- Andrea54

  • A suggestion: don't select by default the option "Show the windows of all desktop" (in KDE panel configuration/ Application bar).
    • I partly second that notion. The new layout definitely rocks (can create those small buttons in Edgy?), two desktops are not enough for me, but adding more is easily done. So if it helps new user to become accommodated to this feature, it's all right. But I think that "Show the windows of all desktops"is a must, otherwise new users will have to search for their windows and we don't want that. KMail/KNetworkManager integration is absolutely great and may just be the reason for me to switch from Thunderbird. Apart from that, I eagerly await the new theme. --Sokraates
    • Those small buttons are also available in edgy, it's a KDE feature, just right-click the kicker and choose the first point of the menu, where you add little "widgets", add the one with the rocket (I'm sorry for this imprecise description, but my system is German and I don't know the English original) --ThomasRitter

  • In the "Konqueror Flash Plugin Installer", PLEASE add a "don't ask me again" check box. Some of us don't want to install flash (because it is not free, or just because it makes the internet an annoying place to be in). It doesn't help that on every flash infected site, this dialog will pop up.
    • Temporary option (if You don't need other plugins) is to just disable external plugins in Konqueror. Java and KMplayer will still work, though Smile :)

  • The new widget style is cool but IMHO it looks better without the shadowed button text and menubar text and without the colored scrollbars --Smarter
  • It looks pretty nice here! Everything seems to be detected (Thinkpad Z61t), even the Texas Instrument card reader gets detected as far as I can tell but the desktop doesn't react at all when I insert a SD-card into the reader. --Joergen Ramskov
  • Everything works really well. Sadly, some of my laptop buttons do not have any actions associated with them. Feisty opens the KMail Composer when I press a button assigned to XF86Mail, but does nothing for the button assigned to XF86WWW. Perhaps Konqueror should be loaded? --Matt Ferreira
  • First of all, I don't use the feisty snapshots right now as I need a stable system on all of my computers right now. Based on the screenshots I'd like to ask whether the software properties dialogue was ported to qt or if it is just the gtk application using gtk-qt-engines because I noticed the (for a KDE desktop inconsistent) instant apply behaviour and the general look is similar to its Ubuntu counterpart. It would be nice if you could add at least the typical ok/apply/cancel buttons. Additionaly, in edgy SSL v2 was turned on by default. Maybe I'm misinformed, but wasn't it deemed unsecure and therefore turned off in most browsers by default ? --Erunno
  • This is being picky, but can the default selected buttons (the ones that will be pressed if you hit Enter or Space) be shaded a little lighter? Sometimes it looks like they have already been clicked (and are frozen) or they just look out of place in a row of buttons. Cheers Smile :) --Melmazzone

  • The purplish colouring of Kubuntu's visual theme doesn't really match the bluish colouring of all other UI elements (e.g., icons, and especially application-specific elements) that are standard KDE-issue. It's not too jarring at first glance, but with longer use it gets kind of annoying. --Davor4

hibernation/suspend and resume

  • the log out button doesn't react to hibernation. It is, however, possible to hibernate with the system tray icon. katakombi Feb, 16th 2007
  • hibernation/suspend and resume is working fine finally with my GeForce 7400Go, but if I try to shutdown or reboot afterwards the system will hang. katakombi Mar 1st 2007


  • If KnetworkManager is the default now, and it does not support static IP, what should roamer users use when a static IP is needed?

  • Something seems to be wrong with KnetworkManager, because It's not possible to connect to a hidden ap by entering its ssid in the "connect to another network" window. Making the ap visible (ssid broadcast enabled) solves the problem.

    • I would like to add that in contrast to above, i in fact am able to connect to my speedtouch 716g wifi router@wpa2 on my dell xps m1710 just fine. If i disable the broadcasting of de networkname(ssid) from the router settings, it also works without problems. (yay, feisty will work with my wifi. Keep rocking guys/girls! Smile :-) )

    • I would like to add, that there is a bug (open since dapper) on this. Also, for me it worked correctly on dapper, but doesn't work on Feisty....
  • Sometimes Knetworkmanager doesn't show up at boot: I have to kill it and restart it and then it works. --Smarter
  • @KNetworkManager: That's a known bug since Edgy. Still loving it. --Sokraates
  • WPA support? --Joergen Ramskov

ALSA / Sound

  • (K)ubuntu should automagically switch to any external sound card, when connected and revert back to the internal one, when the external (usb/firewire) device is plugged out. Below are the lines i've added to my /etc/udev/rules.d/85-alsa.rules for C-Media USB 7.1 channel card:
    • # Default to using additional (USB) sound cards when they are available.

      KERNEL=="pcmC[D0-9cp]*", ACTION=="add", PROGRAM="/bin/sh -c 'K=%k; K=$${K#pcmC}; K=$${K%%D*}; echo defaults.ctl.card $$K > /etc/asound.conf; echo "\!defaults.pcm.card $$K" >>/etc/asound.conf'" KERNEL=="pcmC[D0-9cp]*", ACTION=="remove", PROGRAM="/bin/sh -c 'echo defaults.ctl.card 0 > /etc/asound.conf; echo "\!defaults.pcm.card 0" >>/etc/asound.conf'" KERNEL=="pcmC[D0-9cp]*", ACTION=="add", PROGRAM="/bin/sh -c 'K=%k; K=$${K#pcmC}; K=$${K%%D*}; amixer -q -c $$K set Speaker,1 95%% on'"

  • dmix stops working, when default soundcard is changed using an entry in asound.conf / ~/.asoundrc

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