EXTREMELY intensive, high-caution period until the FinalRelease goes out. ReleaseTeam and relevant section team confirmed fixes only!

Exceptions requiring confirmation:

  • Release critical bugs
  • Security critical bugs
  • Exceptional circumstances

Unseeded packages

For packages in universe that aren't seeded in any of the Ubuntu flavors, this final freeze is nominal (packages remain in FeatureFreeze); however when the archive is frozen, fixes must be manually reviewed and accepted by the release team members.

When we are close to release (~1.5 days out), developers should consider uploading to -proposed, from which the release team will cherry-pick as into the release pocket if circumstances allow. Any packages which are uploaded to -proposed and do not make it into the release will become candidates for StableReleaseUpdate if rejected from the release. Developers should consider this to be a distinct possibility in this period, and make sure that the requirements are followed for uploads which they would wish to become stable updates. In particular, the upload must reference at least one bug which will be used to track the stable update.

This flexibility is not available for uploads to the release proper, so if you are at all in doubt about whether your upload will be accepted into the release and would have the upload become a StableReleaseUpdate then use -proposed.

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