Firmware Test Suite - apicinstance test

This test checks that there is just one instance of the ACPI Multiple APIC Description Table (MADT). Some systems (for example MacBookPros, Acer Aspires, Toshiba Satellites) are known to have multiple instances of the MADT, which leads to an ambiguous configuration. The kerenl will select the first MADT, however, one can select the other MADTs with the kernel boot option "acpi_apic_instance=N" where N specifies the Nth MADT to use.


sudo fwts apicinstance -

..runs the test on your machine and dumps the output to stdout.

sudo acpidump > acpidump.dat
fwts apicinstance --dumpfile=acpidump.dat

..dumps the tables using acpidump and loads them in and runs the test with results appended to results.log

sudo fwts --dump
fwts apicinstance --dumpfile=acpidump.log -

..dumps the tables using fwts and loads them in and runs the test with results going to stdout.

Explanation of test results

Certain test results may require a little more explanation. This section will try and give some context to specific test failures.

Error ID



Multiple ACPI Multiple APIC Description Tables (MADT) exist in the firmware and could lead to an incorrect APIC configuration if the one one is selected by default. Use kernel boot option "acpi_apic_instance=N" to select the appropriate Nth MADT to resolve any issues.

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