New Features

  • Since this release, fwts will be time-based released. The versioning also changes to fit the new release model. For the detail, please check FirmwareTestSuiteReleaseCadence

  • acpica: update to ACPICA version 20130517
  • cpu: cpufreq: make test more generic for non-x86 system
  • lib: fwts_uefi: add the function to check the efivars interface existence
  • dmi: dmi_decode: Add checks for frequent bad defaults on AMI firmware
  • Add klog patterns to sync with 3.9 kernel changes
    • data: klog.json: Add ACPI video notify handler check
    • data: klog.json: Add ACPI video notify handler remove check
    • data: klog.json: Add checks for Intel Lynxpoint LPSS errors
    • data: klog.json: Add check for ACPI region field type error
    • data: klog.json: Add check for object repair or convert failure
    • data: klog.json: Add ACPI fixed event error checking
    • data: klog.json: Make ArgType a regex to match various similar strings

    • data: klog.json: Drop ACPI prefix, make patten a string match
    • data: klog.json: Bit offset pattern should be a regex not a string match

Fixed Bugs

  • bios: mtrr: add uncached string for DEFAULT type
  • lib: fwts_uefi: make vars work on recent kernels (LP: #1171617)
  • cpufreq: use qsort to sort frequencies
  • lib: fwts_uefi: modify the return value of the fwts_uefi_get_interface
  • pci: maxreadreq: Audio device to chipset devices.
  • doc/fwts.1 add in names of contributors to fwts
  • uefi: uefidump: don't recurse forever on zero lengths (LP: #1174947)
  • acpica: Fix for _INI regression.
  • lib: framework: don't check for long string if src is NULL
  • securebootcert: need to check the efivars interface existence while checking the variable db and kek
  • data: klog.json: remove a redundant line break for "Evaluating _SRS"
  • fix a number of code style problems
    • various source code tidy up and style fixes reported by Coverity
    • various memory leak bugs
  • cpu: microcode: rewrite so we no longer need to load microcode (LP: #1120240)
  • acpi: wakealarm: enable for non-x86 devices (LP: #1182630)

Known Issues

  • None

Detail Changelog

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