New Features

  • ACPICA: update to version 20130626
  • bios: smbios: add more sanity checks to SMBIOS information
    • check DMI table length and start address look sane
    • improved test pass information for checksum and _DMI_ anchor string
  • lib: acpica + fwts_framework: add --acpica-debug option
    • to help fwts developers see the ACPICA internal warning and error messages
  • uefivarinfo: add the utility to show the NVRam and variable info (LP: #1190835)
    • to get the information of the variable storage size and variable used size.
  • data: klog.json: Add some more advice for the now common lpc_ich warnings
    • these resource conflicts are harmless in most cases

Fixed Bugs

  • data: klog.json: remove duplicated patterns
  • apci: acpidump: fix segfault when dumping ASF! tables (LP: #1188209)
  • acpica: nspredef: fix null pointer dereference issue (LP: #1195251)
  • lib: fix assembly/disassembly segfault when AcpiOsVprintf is called (LP: #1195209)

  • bios: mpdump: fix indexing outside of mpdump_sys_addr_type array
  • fwts_iasl_interface.c: allocate temp buffers required for IASL (LP: #1196463)

Known Issues

  • None

Detail Changelog

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