New Features

  • dmi: dmi_decode: merge smbios test as they both check dmi/smbios (LP: #1196779)
  • dmi: rename dmi_decode test to dmicheck (LP: #1196779)
  • uefi: uefirtvariable: add options to specify iterations in variable stress tests (LP: #1197742)
  • lib: add acpica mode types
  • lib: framework: add new acpica mode flags
  • lib: acpica: set various ACPICA global mode flags depending on acpica_mode
  • lib: fwts_framework: add support for new --acpica option
  • acpi: method: handle ACPICA slack mode gracefully
  • doc: add --acpica option to man page
  • lib: fwts_log: set non-TTY log with to 80 characters (LP: #1200592)
  • data: klog.json: rename "Common" label prefix to "Klog", (LP: #1201311)
  • data: klog.json: Update patterns to keep in sync with Linux 3.10 (LP: #1201335)
  • docs: remove legacy notes created during early fwts development
  • ACPICA: update to version 20130725 (LP: #1205203)
  • data: klog.json: Add some firmware related kernel warnings (LP: #1206958)
  • utils: kernelscan: also scan for warning messages (LP: #1206953)
  • lib: fwts_log_json: enable json human readable formatting (LP: #1206290)

Fixed Bugs

  • acpi: syntaxcheck: strcpy should be replaced with strncpy (LP: #1205215)
  • acpi: method: check for NULL buf before dereferencing it (LP: #1205267)
  • ACPICA BZ 1035 fixes segfault with too many prefixes. (LP: #1205714)

  • acpi: acpidump: fix segfault on BERT entries (LP: #1206643)
  • update README_ACPICA to reflect the real ACPICA repo
  • smatchify.sh: fix spelling mistake
  • bios: mtrr: fix spelling mistake
  • acpica: Makefile.am: fix spelling mistake
  • data: syntaxcheck.json: fix spelling mistakes
  • data: klog.json: fix spelling mistakes
  • docs: fwts.1: fix spelling mistake
  • doc: fwts-frontend-text.1: fix spelling mistake
  • uefi: uefirtvariable: minor cleanup of failure message
  • efi_runtime: Fix efi_runtime build warnings (LP: #1198168)
  • efi_runtime: ensure it always builds for kernels > 3.0.0 (LP: #1198168)

  • efi_runtime: memset the entire structure (LP: #1198236)
  • acpi: syntaxcheck: use ASL_MESSAGE_TYPES instead of #defining them (LP: #1200568)
  • acpi: syntaxcheck: ensure error message strings are in sync with error (LP: #1200568)
  • acpi: syntaxcheck: fix spelling mistake (LP: #1200602)
  • fwts_iasl_interface.c: ensure we read in all of stdout (LP: #1200426)
  • bios: hdaaudio: skip the test if no BIOS pin config found (LP: #1201903)
  • pci: aspm: test should skip if it can't read FACP or PCIe config (LP: #1201909)
  • lib: fwts_alloc: use plain old mmap on 32 bit machines (LP: #1204065)
  • lib: fwts_log_json: check sting from json is not null (LP: #1206285)

Known Issues

Detail Changelog

To check /usr/share/doc/fwts/changelog.Debian.gz or fwts_13.08.00-0ubuntu1.debian.tar.gz from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fwts

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