New Features

  • uefi: uefirttime: Add tests to exercise invalid parameters
  • acpi: acpitables: add GTDT checking
  • lib: fwts_acpi_tables: load tables from /sys (LP: #1437043)

Fixed Bugs

  • efi_runtime: ensure we don't allocate a zero byte buffer (LP: #1429890)]
  • acpi: acpitables: make length and skip signed to handle -ve underflow (LP: #1435272)
  • uefi: uefidump: don't dump non-printable variable contents (LP: #1435346)
  • uefi: uefirtmisc: Add null count argument check for GetNextHighMonotonicCount

  • uefirtauthvar: return error when get mismatch size
  • uefirtauthvar: dependency checking for existence of test data (LP: #1434408)
  • uefirtauthvar: remove duplicate authenticated attribute test (LP: #1432752)

Known Issues

  • build fail on lucid

Detailed Changelog

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