New Features

  • lib: acpi: add an acpi category
  • live-image/fwts-frontend-text: add selections of acpi and uefi tests
  • acpi: add tests to acpi category
  • acpi: fwts-tests: Remove redundant tailing space and update fwts-tests
  • auto-packager: mkpackage.sh: remove lucid
  • auto-packager: mkpackage.sh: add wily
  • acpi: Add SPCR ACPI table check (LP: #1433604)
  • dmi: dmicheck: add 4 new DMI chassis types

Fixed Bugs

  • uefi: uefirtvariable: Add invalid NULL parameter sanity checks
  • lib: fwts_acpi_tables: print correct pathname on error
  • lib: fwts_acpi_tables: set count correctly on error
  • lib: fwts_acpi_tables: only attempt to open a dumpfile if name is defined
  • pci: aspm: check that a table exists, fixes segv on arm64
  • lib: fwts_smbios: only scan memory for DMI table if x86
  • acpi: spcr: remove unnecessary include files and fix ARM build issue
  • pci: maxreadreq: skip test if /sys/bus/pci/devices is not available
  • acpi: spcr: issue a passed message if SPCR test passes
  • lib: fwts_alloc: provide fallback low memory allocator strategy (LP: #1452168)
  • bios: mtrr: fix memory leak on mtrr entries
  • hotkey: only process reads of hotkey events that are at least the correct length
  • uefi: uefirtvariable: fix incorrect buffer size being passed
  • lib: fwts_acpi_tables: enforce stricter table loading checks
  • lib: acpica: explicitly set buffer to NULL to remove cppcheck warning
  • acpica: fwts_iasl_interface: clean up static analyzer warning on freopen
  • lib: fwts_pipe: clean up static analyzer warning on freopen
  • uefi: efi_runtime: eliminate confusing error message of get_variable
  • acpi: method: _PRS is not mandatory method
  • acpi: acpitables: FADT: Ignore fields at offset 46 through 108 for HW_REDUCED_ACPI
  • efi_runtime: get_nextvariablename: Fix bug of name string copy
  • fwts: Add fwts_firmware_has_features
  • fwts: Only run firmware detection once
  • fwts: Allow tests to be conditional on available features
  • fwts: Print names of missing features, rather than a cryptic bitmask
  • fwts: Add OPAL firmware type
  • cpu/cpufreq: Don't reparse cpu information
  • cpu/cpufreq: hz_almost_equal is unused if !FWTS_ARCH_INTEL
  • cpu/cpufreq: Add a separate cpufreq consistency test
  • cpu/cpufreq: Add test for duplicate entries in cpufreq tables
  • cpu/cpufreq: Do bios limit and claimed max checks as separate tests
  • cpu/cpufreq: Refactor CPU performance tests
  • cpu/cpufreq: Always check that cpufreq changes have taken
  • fwts: Use linux perf counters for cpu benchmarking
  • fwts: Use gettimeofday for cpu benchmark
  • fwts: scale cpu benchmark results to one second
  • cpu/cpufreq: Only run performance tests on master threads

Known Issues

  • armhf builds fail on precise and trusty

Detailed Changelog

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